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Damian cut his hair!

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So I stayed up 'til 3 am yesterday to watch OK Go play on "The Tonight Show," which made me happy, 'cause they rocked, as per usual. (Even though they sang "Do What You Want," which is incidentally not one of my faves from "Oh No," but, whatever...)

And Damian's cut his hair! I mean, it's nothing hugely dramatic, but still...It looks more like Rusty's haircut than his own usual sexy shag! I was shocked! I hope it isn't permanent, maybe he just did it to "clean up" for Jay Leno.

Did anyone else see the show?


  • They re-ran it last night? And I missed it again? sad.gif
  • Er, it wasn't on my tv last night, at least not that I heard my mom watching... maybe some channels locally do a repeat a few days later, mine only shows repeats of conan, personally.
  • I saw his hair! Oh, I loved his longer hair...
  • hmmm. it's wierd, i normally like longer hair, but i really like damian's hair cut.
  • last time i saw them damians hair was really short. I prefer it long too but meh, its his hair and his body and I guess he can do what he pleases with it lol
  • I like his hair the way it is. I liked it before too. I doesn't matter with Damian I guess, he looks good with both!

    They didn't re-air their Leno appearance last night.
  • I like it short.
  • i prefer it long
    but as long as he doesnt cut it as short as it was in those pictures that were once on the site... you know the black and white ones? that was TOO short.
    i liked his hair on leno though.
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