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    (yay rereading old posts!)
  • Ahh Tempe! Your latest story is brilliant! happy.gif I can't believe it took me so long to see it. tongue.gif
  • Owner of Teeny Ok Go

    “I was not home when it happened. Nevertheless, Dinky Damian told the tale with such dramatic finesse, that it required Diminutive Dan to step in and tell me the story straight. I was at school attending a very dry Modern European History class, the bane of my semester. Meanwhile the Teenys were playing a game of football on the kitchen counter near the dish rack, with an old sticky piece of root beer barrel candy serving as a football. The dish rack was filled high with freshly washed dishes since I had been too lazy the night before to put them away. The Teenys fashioned themselves a set of football helmets from some old screw-on bottle tops that Dinky Damian had insisted I should hold onto. Dinky Damian and Tiny Tim were teamed up against Runty Rusty and Diminutive Dan.

    “I’m open, I’m open!” Tiny Tim hopped and shouted, flailing his arms as if he were doing jumping jacks.

    Dinky Damian took a step back, readying himself to throw the ball to Tiny Tim. When the intimidating burly figure of Diminutive Danimal came charging at him, Dinky Damian braced himself and hurtled the ball high through the air, forgetting how short Tiny Tim was. Runty Rusty didn’t even have to move to block the ball as it soared through the air, quite impossible for any of them to reach. The sticky root beer barrel football finally came to a stop, with a clink, high atop a row of dishes in the dish rack.

    “Ah, man,” Diminutive Dan frowned.

    “Now what?” Runty Rusty thought out loud.

    “Don’t worry, I’ll get it,” Dinky Damian said with the utmost confidence.

    “He is a good climber,” Tiny Tim pointed out.

    “That he is,” Diminutive Dan said as Dinky Damian pushed up his sleeves toward his elbows and approached the dish rack. He swung around the edge of the dish rack like a little gymnast and began hopping over sideways coffee cups and upside down cereal bowls. He climbed over an upside down soup pot and began climbing the dishes. The sticky root beer barrel football was stuck between the fourth dish and the fifth dish in the rack.

    “Just be careful you don’t—” Runty Rusty began…

    “I got it! I got it!” Dinky Damian shouted triumphantly, but then lost his balance and slipped…

    “Fall into that giant slurpee cup,” Runty Rusty finished, slapping his hand to his forehead as Dinky Damian dropped with a plink into the slurpee cup.

    “Uh-oh,” Dinky Damian voice echoed from inside the slurpee cup. “Hey,guys, I’m stuck.” The slurpee cup was wedged neatly into the rack between several cups and plates making it impossible for Dinky Damian to jostle the slurpee cup so that it could fall over and set him free. The insides of the cup were also too smooth for Dinky Damian to climb up.

    “Well, at least he had his helmet on,” Tiny Tim pointed out.

    “I hope he had a clean pair of underwear on,” Diminutive Dan joked, causing the three of them to go into fits of giggles.

    “What’s so funny out there?” Dinky Damian demanded. “Get me outta here!”

    “Hmm, we’ve gotta come up with a plan,” Runty Rusty said putting his fist to his mouth as he went into concentration. 

    “I know!” Diminutive Dan declared. Tiny Tim and Runty Rusty followed Diminutive Dan down from the counter over to the front door where a pair of shoes laid. They pulled the shoe lace out of the shoe and carried it up back on to the counter. Together, they climbed the pile of cups, pots, and dishes just as Dinky Damian had done.

    “Now,” Diminutive Dan said, “We’ll just drop this lace down into the cup. Damian, you grab hold of the lace, and we’ll pull you up.”

    “Good plan, Dan!” Dinky Damian declared. “I’m putting you in charge the next time I’m out of commission.”

    “Okay, ready?” Diminutive Dan asked. He stood on the edge of the slurpee cup, ready to drop the string down. Runty Rusty and Tiny Tim stood on the other end of the string, holding it tight ready to help pull Dinky Damian out.

    Just then, all on it’s own, a pretty shiny soap bubble glurped out of the dish washing bottle and floated past Tiny Tim, distracting him. “Ooo, pretty,” he said, letting go of the string.

    “No don’t—” Diminutive Dan began to say as he tumbled into the slurpee cup landing on Dinky Damian.

    Dinky Damian brushed himself off. “So now we’re both stuck.”

    “Well, Andy sounded like he was working on an idea before I came up with mine,” Diminutive Dan suggested.

    “Oh! So we’ll be out of here in no time,” Dinky Damian said, gesturing at the air.

    Suddenly, Runty Rusty came sailing past them, landing at the bottom of the cup with a thud.

    “How’d that happen?” Dinky Damian asked.

    Diminutive Dan helped Runty Rusty to his feet. “Well, I was planning on an elaborate robotic pulley system to hoist you two out, and I was measuring the diameter of the slurpee cup when my foot slipped.”

    “How does one person drink so much soda anyway?” Diminutive Dan wondered.  

    Meanwhile, Tiny Tim sat on top of a coffee cup wondering what to do. “There’s only one thing to do!” he stood up triumphantly.

     “Maybe we can drill our way out?” Runty Rusty suggested.

    “With what exactly?” Dinky Damian pointed out.

    Suddenly, Tiny Tim came sailing at them, landing on Runty Rusty.

    “Tim, what are you doing here!?” Dinky Damian asked.

    “I was getting lonely.”

    Dinky Damian slapped his palm to his forehead, “Yoda!”

    “There’s only one thing we can do,” Diminutive Dan said.

    “What’s that?” Runty Rusty asked.

    “We’ll have to wait for the big person to come home.”

    “Are you kidding?” Dinky Damian demanded. “She’ll never let us hear the end of this.”

    “What else can we do?” Tiny Tim asked.

    Dinky Damian sighed, “I just hate it when she wins.”

    “Wins what?” Runty Rusty asked.

    “Wins…you know…ugh, forget it,” Dinky Damian sat down.

    As I unlocked and opened the front door, I heard muffled echoing Teeny voices coming from the dish rack. I found that the Teenys were trapped. They had scribbled writing all over the wall of the inside of the cup, apparently working on new song material while they were held captive by the slurpee cup. I freed the Teenys, and Tiny Tim grabbed my finger to shake my hand. “Thank you, Madame, you have been most helpful,” he told me. I decided to keep the slurpee cup stowed away for safe keeping. If Dinky Damian ever got out of hand, I had something to threaten him with. He brushed it off with a wave of his hand, “Just try it, sister. I’ll start singing and you’ll have to explain that to your friends.”

    “Fine then, I’ll throw it away,” I said.

    “How do you drink that much soda,” Diminutive Dan asked amazed.

    Actually, I think I’m done with slurpees for awhile. We all agreed that was a good idea.”   

  • YES!!! October is continuing to WIN in my life! NEW TEENY OK GO STORY!
  • Just read the new story Tempe, now i can go to the fun

    factory that i call a job with a smile on my face, will read the

    other stories when i come home.Cool Still reading a lot of the post on here

    as im new. Just wondered if im the oldest OK Go fan on hereLaugh

  • rockchick said:

    Just wondered if im the oldest OK Go fan on hereLaugh

    I think we currently have fans into their 40's on here. 

    Rosie, I LOVE the new story.  Although I hope big person let them transcribe the lyrics they were working on before throwing away the Slurpee cup.  It's hard to remember genius lyrics sometimes.

  • DJRose said:
    rockchick said:

    Just wondered if im the oldest OK Go fan on hereLaugh

    I think we currently have fans into their 40's on here. 

    Rosie, I LOVE the new story.  Although I hope big person let them transcribe the lyrics they were working on before throwing away the Slurpee cup.  It's hard to remember genius lyrics sometimes.

    I had been thinking I might be one of the oldest fans on the board, but I'm only in my late 30s*

    I had not read the Teeny stories before. Now I have something new to adore :) I keep hoping that reading other peoples' "fun" stuff will get me going again on my own amusing writings (for a few years now I've been actively discouraged from sharing the silly stuff by negative naysayers who want seriousness and think it's stupid). Teeny OK Go, Zombie OK Go and things like Julian Gough and, honestly, Steve Martin's Twitter feed are helping.

    I firmly believe everyone should tell more stories! I'm not just saying that because I am a writer Wink (Oh Amber? It's almost November...)!

    *posting a related thought in General Discussion

  • Yay Tempe for new Teeny OK Go!!!

    And I heart Tiny Tim. Laugh

  • Just finished reading this entire thread.  Delightful!  Fantastic!  Love it!  Bravo! :)
  • Yey, I'm glad our newcomers are getting a chance to share in the happiness of Teeny Ok Go. You guys are full of such kind words. One of the nicest compliments Tabitha here once said is she thought I was the next JK Rowling. Haha. See, the Teeny stories started during the height of Harry mania just around when the last book came out.

    Christel, don't ever let some jerk tell you what you're writing has no value. I thought it was the inner critic that was the hardest thing to get around. Turns out it's realizing that what you write has value that's the hardest thing. Once you realize what you write has value, then you will have a passion for it. But you're a writer, so I don't need to tell you that. ;) Being silly is so so important! It's what keeps you young. Neigh-sayers are just jealous that they can't be silly as easily. When they were kids, they probably still had no ability to be silly and just can't comprehend such a wonderful thing.

  • DJ Rose said:
    rockchick said:

    Just wondered if im the oldest OK Go fan on hereLaugh

    I think we currently have fans into their 40's on here. 

    Rosie, I LOVE the new story.  Although I hope big person let them transcribe the lyrics they were working on before throwing away the Slurpee cup.  It's hard to remember genius lyrics sometimes.

    Rose seeing im in my late 50s heading towards 60 fast i might well be the oldestLaugh

    Still love the band and never to old to appreciate good music, good forums and good stories.

    growing old disgracefully. Still got to catch up on the other stories as my broadband went down last night,

    looking forward to reading them.

  • I was feeling a bit down and stressed out today with my various predicaments, and with the majority of the morning and much of the afternoon spent on the phone trying to sort things with people who wouldn't know sorted if it smacked them right between the eyes, I decided to unwind by spending the last couple of hours reading. I'm alternating between Lick Me: How I Became Cherry Vanilla (which, incidentally, Tempe, YOU will love when it comes out! Because of all the Bowie and Ringo (haven't found any Marc bits yet) and Teeny Ok Go. Both are making me very happy for several reasons!

    First, because they are so good! I love how you can really envision everything so perfectly (honestly, though, Tempe, I think you do a better job with descriptions than Miss V. Smile ).

    Second, very funny. Wickedly funny. Funny is good (At the moment, my favorite parts are the other side of Madison Avenue in the 60s, and Dinky Damian Dazzled By Tassels, respectively).

    Third, it's reminding me of things. Cherry reminds me of rock and roll road trips, off-color adventures and that it's never too late to re-invent yourself. Tempe and the Teenies remind me of "Telling story" in my teens (in which I would gather friends, we'd pick a few people—bands, celebs, crushes, etc —and invent characters or inflate our thinly-disguised selves and make up ongoing sagas. It was essentially proto-fanfic. There wasn't much to do for us back then besides drink, so I held story sessions.). The Teenies also remind me of my fun habit (to me) of ascribing amusing attributes to people and things that bring them to greater life in my mind, of some of my unfinished or as-yet-unpublished tales and ideas (most notably Behind and Between, which doesn't have characters as cool as the Teenies, but is about diminutive beings) and that it's never too late for an abandoned train of thought to become shiny new transportation for a brilliant idea.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Tempe! I'm planning on revisiting some of the disused stations and out-service-stops along my imagination's less-traveled routes right after I finish reviewing the Bones: Season Five DVD set (it was late in arriving). Well, first I'm going to make some nachos… Laugh

  • Oh, grr, why does all the awesome stuff happen when I leave for a week?

    Tempe, you brighten my day. Just imagining the Teenys in a cup makes me giggle to no end. And I've had no good ideas for things to draw lately....

    @Christel: Nachos and Bones.  What a magic combination.

  • Owner of Dinky Damian:

    "I was at my desk studying, when Tiny Tim and Dinky Damian emerged, crawling up over the far edge of the desk. Dinky Damian got to his feet, brushed himself off, and helped Tiny Tim to his feet. Then, they hurried over to me.

    “You’ve got to come see this,” Dinky Damian told me.

    “I’m trying to study.”

    “Yeah, but it can wait. This can’t. There’s an Epic Staring Contest going on,” he insisted.

    “A what?”

    “It involves Dan and a squirrel who may or may not be a member of the Squirrel People,” Tiny Tim squinted mysteriously.

    “Is that some sort of band?” I asked.

    “Just come and see what we mean,” Dinky Damian commanded. Without asking, he crawled into my palm, Tiny Tim followed, and they told me to head for the kitchen.

    There, I saw Diminutive Dan sitting stoically at the window sill. Runty Rusty was at his side cheering him on at something.

    “What the heck?” I blurted out as I realized Diminutive Dan was staring at a squirrel outside. The squirrel sat on the other side of the window staring keenly at Diminutive Dan.

    “Neither one of them has blinked for almost fifteen minutes,” Dinky Damian told me.

    “We’re taking bets on who can win this,” Runty Rusty whispered. “I am acting as Dan’s life coach and spiritual adviser.” He turned his attention back to Diminutive Dan. “Don’t lose your focus, man.”

    “There’s no way Dan can win this,” Tiny Tim said to himself. “There no way when he’s dealing with the Squirrel People.”

    “Yoda! How many times do I have to tell you, there’s no such thing as ‘Squirrel People,’” Dinky Damian insisted as I placed them both on the counter.

    Out of nowhere another squirrel darted at the window and crashed into it, breaking the concentration of the staring squirrel and they both jittered away down the lawn and out of sight.

    The Teenys all cheered having won the battle, and broke out into silly dances, hand slaps, and the sounds that guys tend to make when winning a sporting event.

    Diminutive Dan rubbed his eyes, “Aww, man, that was hard. I was almost ready to give up.” He stretched and rubbed his neck.

    “Now, we must have a celebratory feast!” Dinky Damian declared.

    “Just do it quietly. I have to go study,” I grumbled and trudged off leaving Dinky Damian’s mouth slightly agape as he expected me to do the work to prepare this “celebratory feast.”

    A little while later, I was studying at my desk when I saw Tiny Tim and Dinky Damian again emerge from the far edge the desk and help each other get to standing on the flat surface. They then approached me in a hurry.

    “Have you seen Dan?” Dinky Damian asked me.

    “No why?”

      “We can’t find him anywhere. He’s not in the kitchen or pantry,” Tiny Tim lamented.

    “So, have you seen him anywhere else around the house?” Dinky Damian pressed to me.

    “No, I haven’t. But I’ll help you look.”

    “I bet he’s been taken by The Squirrel People! Who knows what they’re inflicting on him,” Tiny Tim worried dramatically.

    “Yoda, there’s no such thing!” Dinky Damian insisted.

    Runty Rusty slid down from the nearby bookcase. “What’s a Squirrel Person again?” he asked climbing onto the sofa and pushing pillows around looking for Diminutive Dan.

    “Andy, don’t get him started again,” Dinky Damian moaned.

    “I’m with Runty Rusty,” I said. “Tell us what the Squirrel People are.”

    “I’ll make a deal with you, Tim,” Dinky Damian said. “Tell your magnificent story as long as it doesn’t get in the way of finding Dan.”

    “He’s not anywhere on this side of the room,” Runty Rusty said.

    Tiny Tim started his story as the search for Diminutive Dan went on. “Listen, my children, and you shall hear, of the secret and mysterious world of the Squirrel People.”

    “This story sounds pretty dramatic,” Runty Rusty said enthusiastically.

    Dinky Damian interjected, “This story sounds pretty much like bu—“

    “But, that they lurk amongst us,” Tiny Tim continued unperturbed, “is what’s hardest for non-believers to comprehend. They pose as normal squirrels gathering their nuts. Hopping around in the trees. Getting stuck in attics and chimneys. All the squirrely things that normal squirrels do. Except that the Squirrel People are evil and hell bent on global domination! They keep sketches pinned to tree trunks that contain plans for their quest. They lunge at people and use pine needles and tiny trebuchets to disturb the peace. One day, they will take over man-kind!”

    “So, they’ll take over the world by kidnapping Dan?” Runty Rusty asked.

    “No, no, they’re just taking revenge on Dan for beating one of them at their mind games,” Tiny Tim corrected.

    “So they’re more like attack squirrels from outer space?” Runty Rusty asked in fascination.

    “I never thought of that! Good grief, what if they are from space?!” Tiny Tim exclaimed. Then he calmed down. “No, no, nevermind. From what I’ve seen, they’re just maniacal megalomaniacs.”

    “But who is their leader?” Runty Rusty continued.

    “Who?...Who indeed?” Tiny Tim wondered.

    “Guys!” Dinky Damian finally couldn’t take it anymore. “Can we please focus?”

    We searched everywhere. I even checked in my room, a place that’s off limits to the Teenys. Just as we were ready to give up and give Tiny Tim’s theory of Squirrel People some more serious consideration, we heard a yawn and a jingle. The jingle came from my coin purse which was located in my pocket book. We all looked over and saw Diminutive Dan emerged in a somewhat confused stupor from my pocket book.

    “What are you doing in there, Dan?” Dinky Damian asked in surprise.

    “Oh, well, between the fifteen minutes not blinking and the mega-party that followed, my eyes were killing me," Diminutive Dan explained, "I got so sleepy that I just went for the nearest soft place I could find, which turned out to be this purse.” Then he smiled brightly and added, “So, what have you guys been up to?”

    “We’ve been looking everywhere for you, actually,” Runty Rusty replied.

    “Oh, sorry about that,” he laughed. “You know what though I did have the strangest dream. A bunch of squirrels were taking over Earth or something.”

    “Do tell!” Tiny Tim said.

    They all followed Diminutive Dan back to the pantry leaving me in a world of potential killer squirrels to go back to studying."

  • ^^ I should add inspired by Christel, JennyHP, Amber, and Fel all of whom may or may not have had encounters with the Squirrel People. Special Kudos especially to Christel who exposed me to the word "trubuchet"
  • Tempe Arizona said:^^ I should add inspired by Christel, JennyHP, Amber, and Fel all of whom may or may not have had encounters with the Squirrel People. Special Kudos especially to Christel who exposed me to the word "trubuchet"

    Hehe! LOVE it!

  • Yay, more Teeny OKGo!  I love how Tim's crazy ideas drive Damian up a wall.
  • autumnraina said:Yay, more Teeny OKGo!  I love how Tim's crazy ideas drive Damian up a wall.

    Me too! In real life it probably goes both ways... well, it's probably more the other way around. But it rocks.

    Jade? Draw us some Teenies and some Squirrel People sketching battle plans and building trebuchets, please? Smile

    (I cannot get the images out of my mental space and onto paper in any recognizable form, and I know that you could do it!)

  • Thats the best I can do haha
  • Oh, so much win going on in this here thread!
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