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Happy Birthday, ChristelAdina!

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You're on the boards now, so it's time to start your birthday thread!

Happy Birthday, Christel!


  • Aw! Thank you! Embarassed

    It's been a rough birthday morning so far (Some loud neighbor altercation woke me 10 minutes after I went to bed and I really never got back to sleep, and my mom just told me that her card/gift for me--which was going to be late anyway--was just sent back to here because she forgot postageYell), but the weather is nice and my chair is on (knock wood), so I have hope the day will yet be spectacular.

    After I have more coffee, of course. Wink

    If anyone reading this (and not following me elsewhere) would like to see some birthday silliness, check out my blog at


  • Happy Birthday!
  • I've still got an hour here in the Pacific Time zone. Anyone up for "I Never?" Ok, ok, how about a round of "The Minister's Cat?" Wink
  • Happy birthday!
  • This is a little late but...


  • Here it goes, here it goes, here it goes, again! (birthday wishes, I mean!)

    (Christel, I still have your birthday card to me from last Sept hanging up in my cube. Laugh)


    (To save you guys a google, a paraphrase of Ming's lines from the movie "Flash Gordon" 1980)
  • (To save you guys wondering, Amber wins. I humbly lay down my birthday card captioning credentials at her feet)

    Flash Gordon reference + Tim Nordwind wearing a Flash Gordon reference + my birthday = ALL OF THE AWESOME IN THE UNIVERSE!

  • happy birthday!!!
  • Christel, I wish you the Happiest Birthday Humanly Possible!! xxx
  • lol and i wish Christel the bestest most awesomefab birthday ANIMALISTICALLY possible, coz u know u can never cover too many bases ;) x
  • :D Happy birthday! Have a great one!
  • Happy Birthday, Christel! Hope you enjoy many celebratory treats—large and small, today and still to come. :)
  • Happy, happy.  Have a wonderful birthday!!
  • Happy Birthday, Christel! I hope you're still enjoying your birthday! And that you keep on celebrating until August!!!
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