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  • Depends on  what I'm getting.  Some stuff you just can't get from one or the other, such as OK Go USBs.  I guess in person, though.

    What is your least-favorite ice-cream flavor?
  • Garlic.  Don't ask.

    What is your favorite thread here on the OK Go boards?
  • There are so many, and they are all different, it's hard to choose just one.

    However, I do like the Don't Ask Me thread, along with the Damian Dictionary and Quote threads. Threads like this and "Say Something About The Person Above You" are fun, too.

    What is the most annoying sound ever, in your opinion?


    Edit: 100 posts!  I feel like a part of the community now!
  • Mouth noises, in general. Especially the sound of somone chewing food with his or her mouth open.

    What's your favorite season?
  • Autumn.

    What is your LEAST favorite season?
  • *bump*

    b. cargo pants!

    Do you prefer fruit or vegetables?
  • Confused, so answering last two questions I can see.

    Least favorite season is summer. Not the beginning, or the end, it's the muggy oppressive heat crap in the middle.

    Vegetables. I find many types of fruit and nearly all berries to be too tart and/or acidic.

    What color is your couch/sofa/comfy chair?
  • Blue and red.

    What is your go-to movie for laughs?
  • Ghostbusters

    What is the one song that, when you here it somewhere, you have to stop what you're doing and listen until it's finished (like, you've pulled into a parking space, are about to get out of the car, and this song comes on)?
  • Oh, man. I think for me, this is "Baba O'Riley" by The Who. There's that long build-up for about the last minute that I can't cut off. I love The Who.

    If summer came in a bottle, what would it taste like?
  • Oh gosh,probably very liquid-y substance. I guess it would be salty,and verry fruit-flavored. Like a tropical
    Drink,but the specific flavor depends who is drinking it.

    How many times to you think you've been reincarnated?
  • At least 6 so far.

    What is your favorite way to connect/reconnect with nature?

    Side note:

    Oh, man. I think for me, this is "Baba O'Riley" by The Who. There's that long build-up for about the last minute that I can't cut off. I love The Who.

    Me too! Also, The Who is one of my go-tos for pain management, because even after decades of listening, there's always something going on in the "background" that is unusual/unexpected musically and it's the only thing--certainly the only music-that consistently & reliably works to distract me when I'm beyond all other options. :)
  • My fave way to reconnect with nature is to go for a nice long run in a scenic area.

    What is your favourite flavour of potato chips?
  • BBQ

    Merry-Go-Round or Carousel?
  • Carousel! Because...natural appeal? I like all the colors and lights and the excitement you would get from "picking" your "own" horse.

    What do you have a fear of?
  • I have a terrible fear of fires and natural disasters, for some reason. But I'm basically paranoid of everything.

    Favorite math problem? Why?
  • I'm not keen on math myself,but a little bit of the pathagoren theorem is always fun.
    Or Maybye factoring a quadratic function.

    If you created a band,what would be its name?
  • The Puppet Must Speak

    What's your sign?
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