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Franz Ferdinand

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Franz Ferdinand...
A great band. Whom I have missed like twice. Grrr. mad.gif


  • michael your dancing like a beautiful dance whore...
  • i got you that CD biggrin.gif

    (that be aimed at darbie haha)
  • QUOTE (The End Has No Jen @ Nov 18 2004, 01:45 PM)
    i got you that CD biggrin.gif

    yes you did!.. and i am still very thankful for that biggrin.gif
  • I've never seen them. They don't like Ohio.

    at work
  • oh man... gay german danceclub songs are the best songs that could possibly exist.
    no contest.
    i dance around to michael like nobody's business.
  • I heart Franzie.
  • <3 ze franz.
    please come back. i need to see them in a non-giant park venue, lol
  • QUOTE (RiverSylphide @ Nov 20 2004, 09:14 PM)
    <3 ze franz.
    please come back.  i need to see them in a non-giant park venue, lol

    I need to see them AT ALL! Geez, you are so lucky.
  • I'm going to see them on Saturday!! Woohoo!!

    The pic which were posted by Julie on the top is the one I'd seen for the first time. At that time I thought "They look like snobbish art school students from countryside. Are they in? Bullshit!". A couple of months later, however, they stole my heart.
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