66-Lb. Tumor Removed

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66-Lb. Tumor Removed From Woman's Abdomen

POSTED: 11:15 am EST December 13, 2004
UPDATED: 3:10 pm EST December 13, 2004

CINCINNATI -- Doctors in Ohio have removed a 66-pound tumor from a woman who said she now feels as if a long pregnancy is over.

Grace Radtke said she knew something was wrong, but had no idea it was a 66-pound tumor that was causing her pain.

"I couldn't believe it," Radtke said. "It just floored me."

Last week, Radtke underwent surgery to remove the giant ovarian cyst -- the size of three watermelons -- that was lodged under her ribs.

Radtke weighed more than 300 pounds when she suddenly started losing weight without dieting. Her family encouraged her to get medical attention.

Doctors said the tumor had been growing for at least one year with huge blood vessels attached. She said despite losing weight and having difficulty walking, she was nervous about seeing a doctor.

"I was so scared. I didn't know what the outcome would be," she said.

Dr. Greg Duma, a gynecologist who performed the surgery, said if they hadn't removed the tumor, it would have continued to grow.

After hours of surgery, four people were needed to lift the heavy tumor. Doctors said they had to roll the tumor onto a stretcher.

"My hat was soaked with sweat and they kept having to blot my glasses because it was very physically demanding," Duma said.

Experts said the 40-year-old mother of three is living proof that the human body is still a mystery and that it's never too late to start trusting doctors, Butler reported.

"I would say just go ahead and do it, because you never know what will happen to you. If you have the support of your family and everybody loves you, you'll be OK," Radtke said.

The Ohio woman says she's thankful to be alive.

The non-cancerous ovarian tumor was removed earlier this month at University Hospital in Cincinnati. It came out intact during a one-hour operation.

Her doctor said the giant tumor could have been growing for up to five years.
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