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Ok, I'm a newbie to this site and I was wondering if anyone else here has heard of The Rasmus? Also has anyone tried doing a fanfic with OkGo in it?


  • Yeah, they are 1 of my favourite bands at the moment. Dead Letters was the best album of last year.
  • no no no theyre absyml..... ugh. featherhead.
  • oh... i've heard of them...

    and i wish i hadn't...
  • QUOTE (OK Matt @ Jan 19 2005, 08:12 AM)
    Yeah, they are 1 of my favourite bands at the moment. Dead Letters was the best album of last year.

    Ditto that. I *heart* the Rasmus sooooo much and I was so sad when they only had like two North American shows last year. I MUST SEE THIS BAND LIVE.

    at work
  • Yea! More ppl love The Rasmus, I'm not the only one, yea! *Jumps aroud the room screaming for joy while ppl give her weird stares*
  • No way, the Rasmus suck so badly. All of their songs are EXACTLY the same.
  • yes, thats right..... bad! haha
  • mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif Hey that's so not true, they don't suck and you don't know good music ethier! mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif
  • aren't we allowed opinions then??????
  • Yeah. I'm not shouting at you for liking such a crap band either now am I! *is so tolerant*
  • QUOTE (Rabid Rabbit @ Feb 3 2005, 05:57 PM)
    All of their songs are EXACTLY the same.

    I agree- they're all good and performed by a talented band laugh.gif .
  • QUOTE (The End Has No Jen @ Feb 4 2005, 07:40 PM)
    aren't we allowed opinions then??????

    Yes we are allowed opions, but some are just much better kept SECRET. smile.gif
  • The Rasmus are coming out with a new album called "Hide From The Sun", it comes out Setember 12 world wide, check it out when it comes out! wink.gif
  • I remember them. "In the Shadows" was a minor hit here.
  • I am viewed as the final authority on music in my country. I suggested that they should be banned after their first (and only hit) and low and behold i cant say that much has been heard from them since. I thus declare The Rasmus as guff and should be wiped from the earth like a small brown stain from the seat of a tramps underpants. OH oh OH ooooh
  • I don't think they should be banned but I do think you should give the new album a try, I mean I did that with ok go when I first heard of them, I admit I didn't use to like them much.
  • Well i hate ok go as well.. to be honest i hate all music. The only music i like is monophonic ringtone noises... de de de du du de du daaa du deeeee daaaaaaa splog
  • well then you shouldn't be here. smile.gif
  • Thats just bullying! I am haunted to be wanted...
  • Ha you said a part of their song! laugh.gif
    And I am not bulling, you are. smile.gif
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