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  • Am I the only one that went to go see the power rangers movie the first day it came out? I remember that while I saw it my mom was seeing apollo 13. I was such a dorky kid.
  • yes. i was in line for Spice Girls the Movie.
  • I own Spice World and I watch it frequently.
  • wow! nuff said.
  • QUOTE (HelloLover86 @ Apr 8 2006, 05:06 AM)
    I own Spice World and I watch it frequently.

    Same except for the fact that I have to borrow my friend's copy of the movie.

    God, it's brilliant... and has no point whatsoever.

    AND they meet aliens! Kick-ass? Yes.
  • i wish i was an alien.
    just for a day.
  • QUOTE (GirlInTheDark @ Apr 8 2006, 06:50 PM)
    i wish i was an alien.
    just for a day.

    Well, technically you are in comarison with any other planet in the universe. It's all a matter of relativity. If you go to another planet, you'd be an alien.

    Or, on a less drastic scale, you could run away to another country and become an ilegal alien.
  • You guys know that red power ranger from our youth is a gay pornstar now? LOL
  • i tihnk ill do that for a day.

    yesterday there were some local bands playing at the boys and girls club.
    ive never been there before.
    and i started playing ping pong
    (ok go would be proud)
    and i looooove it and im prety good at it.
    i feel special
    my grandpa was a ping pong champion before he died.
    maybe ill be good like him. so anyways.
    im looking on ebay for a nice ping pong table..
  • QUOTE (The End Has No Jen @ Apr 8 2006, 07:06 PM)
    You guys know that red power ranger from our youth is a gay pornstar now? LOL

    HAHAHA. That, in fact, I did not know.

    I recently learned that the original series, when translated, meant "Dinosaur Squadron Beast Ranger."

    That made me so happy.
  • Wow, the red ranger was cool until Tommy (the green ranger) came into play. I used to have a huge crush on the green ranger. Oh yeah, why was the green ranger the white ranger in the movie? Why did they find it necessary to change the colors?
  • cause i think he was confused maybe he should have been purple and joined the red power ranger in unity. actually, do colors have rank associated to them somehow? Why is it that white and gold are always somehow more superior colors than others?
  • I don't remeber there being a gold ranger.
  • well, I guess colors in general, although there should have been a shiny gold headed ranger with gold teeth. that would have been awesome, his/her power would be to defy enemies by their shinyness. Flash a smile and they would die from the shinyness. that or they would throw gold bricks at enemies...
  • The seems more like a ghetto ranger.
  • oh yeah. more like a Mr. T ranger. He'd wear tons of heavy gold chains and rings. with shiny gold nail polish.
  • hmm, i've only read the three most recent replies here, so i'm not entirely sure what you're talking about... but a man i saw on the train last night had gold teeth, all his top teeth anyway, i think the bottom were just normal teeth...
  • coooool! I love talking about gold teeth. especially weird gold teeth sightings. you should have taken a picture I would have made it my sig... sigh. gold teeth. they're very interesting.
  • That's one blinging grill. I wish I could get a grill that spelled out OK Go.
  • ya! Take that power rangers! BLING!


    and this...


    dang! this guy's loaded.
    Umm. I'm pretty sure that you can get OKGO spelled out. You should google gold teeth and you'll be intrigued at what you find. I wonder if Tempe Arizona is trained to do this specialty...
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