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  • we're not stupid. we're just a little slow and have some trouble counting. We need the Count for Sesame Street to help us balance our checkbook from time to time.
  • The Count and Oscar the Grouch were always my favorite Sesame St. characters. But Elmo is very very evil.

    I once won Cher concert tickets from a radio call-in trivia contest.
  • Cher's son ... I used to think he was hot,
    until I heard his band (Deadsy)'s paedophilic song "itsy bitsy titsy girl"


    Speaking of 'sick'o...
    I found out today I have 'acute phareungitis' *throat and chest infection*

  • Eww, Cher's son sounds scary. Was she on drugs when she was pregnant or something? blink.gif
    Aww, that stinks that you're sick. Did you ever notice foreigners/tourists think that just because you're in a desert you don't get sick since it's never cold in the desert. Little do they know how wrong they are! Are you on antibiotics or anything?
  • haha yeah *the tourists thing*

    Even when I have allergic reaction to dust it's like...
    "but ... there are no flowers over there, right? so how can you be.. allergic?"
    or even dumber
    "don't you have to have a dog to be allergic?"

    plus, Im still kinda shaky about the doctors here...

    I'm taking like 4 pills and a vitamin tablet.... oh and robitusson (sp?) Hopefully getting better so it's all goood. smile.gif

    thanks for asking wink.gif

    so yeah, Cher was probably on drugs...

    what did you do with the tickets then?
  • It was a pair of tickets, so I took my roomate. I love Cher cause she reminds me of my crazy gypsy aunt. I was so excited to be able to go see her. It was my first concert ever to go to. The Village People were the opening act! Lol so I got two great shows out of the deal. Is it fun to stay at the YMCA? Have you ever gone to any concerts? Ah, I hope your sickness isn't putting you in too much pain. Did you catch it from someone at school? unsure.gif
  • wicked! I've never met a real gypsy but I'd love to.

    YMCA rocks man... I used to go there for swimming, *well, the modern day YMCA meant for boys AND girls*

    I don't know who I caught it from, maybe it's all the sand, irritating me, and not medicating it soon enough got it infected tongue.gif... No idea really but.. I just hope I don't pass it on.

    Don't worry, no pain. My throat was hurting like hell the other day but it subsided. Now I just sound like Goofy.

    Although that's better than how I sounded last week; like Marge Simpsons' forever smoking sisters.

    All's well though, am going to college tomorrow after a 2 day break to reconcile my loud mouth reputation, although I feel my usual quick witted sarcasms and dry humor may be in short supply. (darn! and I have psychology of abnormal behavior, too!)

    thanks for inquiring about me and my pathetic illness smile.gif

    although I love being a part of randomness, I think we should stop hogging the random thread in a chat, (atleast until other people reply, lol) so if you want feel free to pm me! biggrin.gif

    Im off to catch some Z's...

  • I used to go to YMCA after school, those were the days: recess for 3 hours.
  • I saw Cher and the Village people. You and Oknow were talking about winning stuff. Well, I once won tickets to a Cher concert from a radio trivia phone in contest.
  • Cher is so cool. Did ya'll ever see that episode of Will and Grace with Cher as Jack's God?
  • "I want you so hard" ---Eagles of Death Metal video

    I love this... Josh Homme, Jack Black, and Dave Grohl etc... Could it get any better?
  • Gah! I just found out I have to go on a plane to get to this thing! Ahaha, none of us going have ever flown before. But apparently we get to go to some concert..
  • Why is the world so..
  • QUOTE (Scarlet Waffle @ Apr 10 2006, 03:08 PM)
    Why is the world so..


    because ok go exists in it...
  • QUOTE (darbie_starpower @ Apr 10 2006, 05:09 PM)

    because ok go exists in it...

    I got new PJ's

    The make me feel happy ^^~
    They are blue with heart-shaped strawberries on them. What I would pay $50+ for

    Ok Go...
    -Coffee Cup
    -Bed Stuffs
    -Beverages (xDD "Do What You Want berry")
    -School Supplies ^^

    -Remote controls
    -iPod covers (even though I don't have an iPod, I would buy it)
  • You're So Damn Hot Chocolate
  • i dunno. i kinda like c-c-c-cinnamon buns.
    they should really market food. that way noone would ever get hungry at concerts. the rest of the stuff kinda just reminds me of New Kids on the Block parephenalia (sp?). They had way too much stuff.
  • New Kids on the Block are evil!

    (Random thought for a random thread)
  • yes. they are evil. I once went to a sleepover in elementary school and this girl's house was plastered in NKOTB. she even had a sleeping bag with a matching pillowcase. sad.
  • sad and sickening. Poor girl, she didn't realize she was being possessed by a possie of talentless satan-like creatures
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