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  • QUOTE (meliswilis @ Mar 18 2007, 08:46 PM)
    do i smell romance?

    QUOTE (Head Full of Crazy @ Mar 18 2007, 08:56 PM)
    oh buuuurn =p
    dont worry she will fall for me in the real world, as i am rather amazing

    laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
    chkl, OMG
    i love sexual tension.
  • How is it possible that it is snowing and icing in NJ, my sister is shoveling. Meanwhile, it is 90 degrees in AZ and I have the AC on! blink.gif
  • QUOTE (Vinca15 @ Mar 18 2007, 02:24 PM)
    laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
    chkl, OMG
    i love sexual tension.

    hahaha me too!
    that was quite entertaining.

    tempe: answer to your question... uhhh global warming??? i don't really know.. its possible.. i'm in san diego, er la jolla whatever, and i havent seen the sun in like two days its been super foggy and cloudy.. quite odd for socal.
  • QUOTE (amberdino @ Mar 18 2007, 11:22 PM)
    hahaha me too!
    that was quite entertaining.

    Erm.. thanks... I guess... unsure.gif
  • QUOTE (amberdino @ Mar 18 2007, 11:22 PM)
    hahaha me too!
    that was quite entertaining.

    chkl, yeah.
    i remember when conan that thing on sexual tension. very very funny.
  • why am i still ill?

    oooh hoooooo
  • stop being ill andy!

    okay heres something random - i want to work/intern for capitol records. This isn't just because Ok Go is signed with them (though that is added incentive), but because i'm curious about what a career in the music industry is. I'm currently an econ major, and i've always planned to go into business, and even now i want to, but i don't know what field... so a friend of mine suggested music industry as it combines my love of music with my passion for business. I don't know how to quite "get my foot in the door" though.. anyone have any insight on the music industry? is this something i would want to get into? Thanks in advance.
  • I dunno if this would still work now, but my Dad's been in various bands throughout his life and he knew/knows a few people in the music business... One way he said that they did it was just to get little jobs in recording studios - just a bit of extra work, every now and then coming up with ideas when they happened to overhear professionals talking, getting themselves a bit of a name within the studio and then working their way up...

    I'm not sure if that'd appeal to you, or if it'd even be possibly now, but it could be worth a shot...
    Hope that helps! smile.gif
  • QUOTE (Head Full of Crazy @ Mar 19 2007, 12:39 PM)
    why am i still ill?
    oooh hoooooo

    I have allergies and im sick all the f-in time.
    i probably get sick 3 times a month. sucks.
  • I should get my dad to teach me how to play th guitar. Yes.

    Oh, and I have a new blog, which only has one post right now but I think it's worth reading.
  • ^^^
    hmmm....very interesting opinions my dear courtney.

    although i do hate Bush, i can see where ur coming from.

    good show.

    u should get a live journal account. then we could talk. smile.gif
  • Okay, thanks. smile.gif

    And I just forgot what my username was for that blog I just posted. I had to make that one because I forgot the username and password for the Courtneytastic one.
  • ^^courtneyriffic is just as kool


    not so cool

    vinnieriffic. meh
  • I like Angelariffic. Kind of sounds like Mrs.JulianCasablancas(sp?)riffic.

    I like Courtneytastic better. It's more...tastic.
  • i like ms. julian casablancas riffic too
    its sexy biggrin.gif

    and yeah, tastic has a bit of a pop to it. pop!
  • Hehe.

    Ms.JulianCasablancastastic? It has a sexy pop then.
  • Hehe...I remembered my username thing. smile.gif Now it's back to good old Courtneytastic.
  • ^^^
    chkl, good news. I always forget my passwords and usernames.

    and i do like mrs. julian casablancastastic....oooh yes!
  • Today one of my patients gave me a platter of gorgous homemade wontons! Woo! I feel just like Ok Go getting free food for doing a good job, lol wink.gif
  • Thanks Electra! good to know for sure.

    ooh Vinnie, so the local news was on and they were showing weather forecasts, and apparently there is a town somewhere in San Diego County called... JULIAN!!! it totally reminded me of you - i thought you would be quite pleased. =]
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