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  • Yesterday was my boardie anniversary. Laugh
  • Happy Boardivesary, Tempe! And wow... a belated happy 8000th post as well!
  • Aww, thanks, PemiBlue! You too kind.


    I got the best Spam ever in my inbox. It was called "Sandwich Survey." I didn't open it, but, mmm, sandwich survey.
  • Did the sandwich survey say you were supposed to get free Subway? I got one that said that the other day. Too hilarious.
  • i'm working at billy elliot now at my theater... and I love it so much. I've never worked a musical I loved so much I didnt mind seeing it every night....
  • haha, that's awesome, mel! Sounds like such a fun place to work! Now if they could come up with some sort of Prince Purple Rain dinner theater, the universe would be complete.
  • if there was a purple rain musical i would die... 4 U.


  • by the way what is the database tab on this site for?

    some sort of secret society? you need a password for thurr.
  • agentnumone said:

    if there was a purple rain musical i would die... 4 U.



    Oh my goodness, that is awesome! Wherever did you find that.
  • haha a friend showd it to me.
  • i was pelted in the butt by a popcorn kernel whilst making my mid day snack...
  • the dye from my pants turned my legs blue... i now have an overwealming urge to start the blue woman group...
  • ^^Ooo! Can I join the group?
  • ^of course... i obviously can't have a group with only me...
  • keeping random alive since 2005!..

    dog burps are hilarious...
  • You know I accidentally died myself blue at a concert once.  And you know you SHOULD have three.....
  • darbie_starpower said:

    keeping random alive since 2005!..

    dog burps are hilarious...

    For this we are all wholly grateful. Laugh


    My random?  My coworker has not shown up for work yet today.  AGAIN.
  • if i was jesse pinkman from breaking bad, i would probably say 'i got a mad itch right now, yo' then call you a bitch, because he is REALLY into that.


    ive been watching a lot of breaking bad this week.
  • joe, you're back! The board needs a little "sweetness"!
  • Hi there all.  So I went out with my best friend today and we hit the RTP Pagan Pride Day and the Greek Festival.  Just had a WONDERFUL day and wanted to share the love.  :)
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