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  • beckysioux said:



    Rachel posted the instructions on how to post a picture a few posts above this one. Here's a link for future reference:
    Click me.

    Also, I'm so very happy you got to meet Damian. He is one of the nicest guys ever. And yes, he was very sweaty that night. Have you visited the O'Fallon thread?

    Thanks Becky, for finding the instructions for Hiding! I would have found them and posted in the first place but I had to go to bed!!
  • Here's part of a big picture that I've been doing. It's supposed to be the boys stting on chairs cutting up pieces of coloured tissue paper into confetti. :3 I don't know if I'll get it done or not, but here's a little snippet of Tim:

  • Been meaning to upload this for a while:


    I drew Damian.  Yupyup.
  • Nice work there! He look's so focused on something. I wonder what he's staring at...
  • OK Go fans are always the best at fan art. Love the creativity.
  • This is a bowl I threw and glazed myself. For those who don't know, throwing = making clay bowls, vases, cups etc. on a potters wheel, and glazing = painting.

    OK Go bowl









    OK Go Bowl

    OK Go Bowl


    Yes, you can actually eat out of this. And no, it's not for sale :P
  • Ooo, makes me want ice cream! Both totalgeek and magnolia's brilliant works do that to me. ;)
  • wow.. I actually went through all of 56 pages XD
    great stuff !!!

    btw I`m new here. Name`s Mike :)
  • welcome to the board mike...
  • Hi there!  OK posting to the right thread now!  

    OK I saw this video and I thought it was amazing.  I love the use of color and ping pong.  :)


    There we go.  So what do you guys think about it?
  • BeckiWitte said:

    Hi there!  OK posting to the right thread now!  

    OK I saw this video and I thought it was amazing.  I love the use of color and ping pong.  :)


    There we go.  So what do you guys think about it?

    I thought it was pretty good. Nice, nice use of color and motion running fairly seamlessly. The only thing I had a problem with the song was "I Want You So Bad I Can't Breathe" - only Damian can sing (or lip sych in a video) that one. Or at least, someone really really attractive to me. Because >swoon< (and I think swoon is my word of the day).
  • I see your point and that part at the end, oh my god!  My mother in law heard it while I was listening to is and said that those were... How did she put it?  "Bedroom sounds"  And I was all like, "Well they are supposed to be, so good job identifying a noise."  Anyhow Tim usually lip-syncs.  


    The guy doing the syncing DID look a bit like Mr. Bean as is mentioned in the comments.  That's mean and I am sorry to have said it, but I am leaving it here because it is true.
  • Anna, welcome!


    How cute is that?  Is it made out of Sculpy?
  • Anna Davit said:

    These are wonderful!  And it totally makes sense that you picked End Love to make these with the whole stop motion thing.  I looked at your gallery and wanna say that you are crazy talented!!
  • Anna Davit said:


    These are so adorable. Great job, Anna!
  • Those Anna Davit said:

    Awww! Those are really cute! Great job, I love 'em1
  • I know it's just a little early to start celebrating 10 years of OK Go videos, but I just couldn't resist. So I'm sharing the new video mashup I threw together over the past month and posted today, "OK Go + The First 10 Years"...I hope you all enjoy it!

  • I just wanted to share something a little crazy I made:



    I started this sometime last June and forgot about it. I recently found it and decided it was worth finishing. I'm sure you can all figure out what inspired it. :D
  • I approve of this post, silver12.LaughLaughLaugh
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