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happy birthday tempe!!!



  • Happy Birthday, Roseleh! xxxx
  • Happy Birthday, Tempe! I hope you have an awesome day, have lots of fun!

    Unfortunately I don't have any clever or witty jokes, so... just have a good birthday. Laugh
  • Happy Birthday, Tempe! May the tinies be kind, and cause only good mischief while baking you a cake today. Smile
  • Argh! I'm a day late! Sorry about that, but happy belated birthday, Tempe!
  • I already sang it once, but I'll sing it again. This is your birthday song, it isn't very long...


    I hope your birthday was most excellent Rose!!
  • Ahhh! It always makes me so happy when you guys remember! Thank you so much!! Or as Wayne Newton would say "Danke Shoen."



    Mind you, I'm not really a fan of Wayne Newtown. I just love saying the name "Wayne Newton"! Come on, it's almost as fun as saying "Engleberg Humperdink."! I want a cool lounge singer name like they have!
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