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  • I just seen Cassandra's dream. With Ewan Mcgregor and Colin Farrell. What a typical Woody Allen movie! Even Though I was expecting the ending to end like that but I still got really disappointed. I hate hate hate Woody allen. He makes me think! biggrin.gif lol

    Btw I really love Trainspotting. its a great movie. wired in its own way. But i love wired movies! ohmy.gif)
  • Over the weekend I watched three movies. 'I Hate Valentine's Day' was a cute story but the acting was not as strong as I expect from Nia Vardalos and John Corbett. Rachel Weisz, Adrian Brody, and Mark Ruffalo were supurb in 'The Brothers Bloom'. It was directed by Rian Johnson. I loved the look of this movie. '(500) Days of Summer' (directed by Mark Webb, starring Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt) was a delight. I can relate to both of these main characters.
  • I saw (500) Days of Summer last weekend, too. Great movie but Summer really irritated me (loved her clothes, though).
  • QUOTE (snack_cakes @ Feb 3 2010, 06:21 PM)
    I saw (500) Days of Summer last weekend, too. Great movie but Summer really irritated me (loved her clothes, though).

    I agree. Her outfits were amazing. That's funny that you say that though, because I felt like Tom was kind of annoying. (but Joe Gordon-Levit is adorable lol).
  • i was just about to say ive seen 500 days of summer, just finished it now

    weird that you guys were the last talking about it!

    really good film =]

  • Did you watch Eternal Sunshine yet!?!?!?
  • There's a bit of trying to bury another thread in this post, plus a bit of can't have my late-night birthday Voodoo Doughnuts without coffee (major sugar rush + serious caffeine bump = Whoosh, Speedy Synapses Syndrome), but mostly I want to recommend Adam.

    It didn't play here in theatrical release, but I watched the DVD the other night and it's well worth your time. It stars Hugh Dancy (Blood and Chocolate, Confessions of a Shopaholic) in the title role and Rose Byrne, who my fellow fangirls will know from her role in Casanova, and most others will know from Get Him to the Greek. Adam is a fairy tale at its core. It's boy-meets-girl, boy-has-Asperger's, girl-has-Daddy issues. It's so beautifully and authentically portrayed, and it's just a wonderful little piece of storytelling. Plus, the bonus of Amy Irving and Peter Gallagher as her parents.

    Adam, the film, touches all the cues and triggers all the emotions that Adam the character can't, and does so with deft humor and without ever traipsing into feel-sorry-for-him territory. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it highly.

  • Christel, for a minute I thought you'd copied and pasted a review from a professional site, and then I had an "Oh, DUH" moment when I remembered that you *are* a professional.
  • DJRose said:Christel, for a minute I thought you'd copied and pasted a review from a professional site, and then I had an "Oh, DUH" moment when I remembered that you *are* a professional.


    Actually, I consciously try to keep my non-professional communication much more informal. This must mean I'm not doing a very good job of separating work and life. That could be bad, like when my friends catch me using Phone Voice in casual conversation.Embarassed

  • Adam was really good.  I saw it at a tiny theater by my house that only plays indie movies.  Hugh Dancy was really on point.

    And tell me about Phone Voice!  I have to do it was work all the time, so when my friends call my job, they ask for me after I even say "Samantha speaking."  It really freaks them out.  Isn't it weird how you have to switch it on and off.  I hate my Phone Voice, it's so fake.

  • I just had a quote box nightmare, so I am trying again. In response to Samanferr!

    As often happens with Hugh Dancy, I didn't even know it was him from previews. It's not that he looks significantly different in various roles, it's just he's... always immersed in the character.

    Phone Voice: I have a few, mostly because I, too, hate the way they sound so fake. My friends and people I talk to all the time--my sister!--don't know it's me if they call me away from home. I can't seem to get Phone Voice Phoniness out of my Phone Voice, at least in my ears. That said, when I worked in a ticket office subscibers (for the opera and symphony and such) would call back to tell my boss how pleasant and real I sounded compared to other agents. It must sound good to other people. One well-known music artist called, himself, the day before his show and kept me on the line even though he should've been talking to the Head of Operations. Then, when he'd arrived the next day, I was sneaking in the side door and he was saying from the end of the hall by his dressing room, where the tunnel to the hotel was, "Gotta find me my telephone dream girl." As I rounded the corner and hid in the elevator from embarrassment--and to keep from making a fool of myself--He said something to the effect of "Hey, D'J'Y'all see that?" When I got upstairs and began trying to convince girls in the lobby that there was no meet & greet scheduled, and throughout the shift, my boss kept telling me to "make sure to act like an employee while I was on the clock". I had no idea what would make her I'd do think otherwise, but apparently she was on the headset with security all day and he had been asking whether or not they knew if "the phone girl" was working, and if they could find out where "the red-head on wheels" went. Apparently "fast-and-flame-haired" amused him. I was flattered, but also mortified. What if my latest Phone Voice was actually Porn Voice??? Surprised

    It wouldn't have stayed that voice whatever it was, because I also suffer that thing where I pick up speech patterns, especially if they are familar. My drawl used to come back every time I talked to my Daddy. I'm afraid people think I'm making fun of them.

    Incidentally, I no longer work there, in fact I don't currently work where Phone Voice is a problem. I also don't currently have red hair.

  • I get called on the phone voice all the time, but I'm a receptionist who has to use a public address system 8 million times a day and a former on-air personality at a radio station, so yeah.  Phone (sex) voice.
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