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  • This will probably just turn into a thread conversation between you and I, but whatever. I got a couple more leaked songs circa The Walk. They make me giddy. I swear, their best music is always the stuff that DOESN'T end up on the albums, ie Breaktown, Bridges of Stone, Never Let Go, Down, So Lovely, Cried etc. (This discludes all the stuff leaked from when they were fighting with IDJ 'cause that stuff was ... awful)

    I got "Got A Hold On Me" yesterday and have had it on repeat pretty much all day long.
  • i know most of those songs but only by samples...unfortunatly i rarely find that stuff. I hate the fact that all the musics in the walk sound the same...i usually listen to it when i'm studing because i can stay focused...

    Have you noticed that their musics have been loosing content in lyrics as the years pass by?Mmmbop had a more significant message then most of the musics in the new album

    yes, probable this will be a "mano a mano" thread but it's because no one else likes Hanson ... laugh.gif
  • IDK if I'd agree with the idea that their lyrics have become less meaningful over time, especially considering the lyrical content of several songs on the album (ie Great Divide). I think they've had several misses, in particular when they were trying to please IDJ (those leaks were absolutely awful, but I think that's what happens when you're trying to please someone other than yourselves and your fans) and they definitely need to start taking constructive criticism but yeah I don't think I'd agree with MMMBop having a more significant message than a song about the fight against AIDs...
  • not the great divide especifically. But "great divide" was just adapted because they admited that they haven't written the song especifically for the fight of HIV, it was just addapted...that interview disapointed me so much...
  • God!!

    have you listened to the two solo songs that Taylor's made? "take my time" and "don't destroy us"?I've only listened to the first one now and the second one I just can't download it. I think it's pretty amazing, what do you think?
  • I've listened to more than those. Take My Time is a great song if only Taylor weren't singing lead on it. It's just not suited to the style. About 17 odd songs leaked from Fools Banquet 07 yesterday.
  • QUOTE (God @ Oct 2 2007, 09:34 AM)
    I've listened to more than those. Take My Time is a great song if only Taylor weren't singing lead on it. It's just not suited to the style. About 17 odd songs leaked from Fools Banquet 07 yesterday.

    i didn't know that they made the fools banquet with other musicians and to write...

    Are they any good?
  • I honestly haven't listened to them all. Some are good. Some are atrocious (Go figure they're the ones Hanson had next to nothing to do with). And yeah, Fools Banquet is a songwriting camp type thing.

    Meanwhile, IDK if you heard, but Ike had a pulmonary embolism, he's had surgery, he's in a stable condition, a couple of the shows are cancelled, that's all anyone knows.
  • really???

    poor guy!!!i didn't knew it! i haven't been to the hanson forums for ages because the brazillians are always sooo excited about the next gig and i've never seen them live so it kind of depresses me...
    i just hope he gets better soon... sad.gif i think that a medium complicated cirurgical procedure...idk
  • thanks for the info wofie!

    I think it's removed like a biopsy...
  • Not a problem!!!

    But I think they dissolve it.

    I dunno, the whole thing is freaking me out, and I've done a bit o' research. But I found out that most of them aren't fatal!!!! PHEW!!!! I thought they were, but most of what I've read says if you catch them early you should be fine. And I"m looking for it, so I'll definitely catch it, that is if it gives me any symptoms at all!!

    But yeah, I'll be in Tulsa this weekend. I"m actually not much of a Hanson fan (just currently obsessed with embolisms!) and they wouldn't let me anywhere near him even if I were, but I'll send him many weebles while I'm in town! (Cause ya know, they'll do more good that way rolleyes.gif)
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