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Damian is Hot!



  • Ahh I love the white pant pics! Hot.
  • I miss a few days and this is what happens...short hair!

    two words to describe the beard and haircut--buzz kill

    my husband almost never shaves anymore and has his hair buzzed(mainly because he is balding)

    I love him, but now Damian is looking domestic not rockstar. Way to ruin my fantasy Damian;)

    bummer, I'm gonna have to mourn the beautiful hair and smooth face for awhile, forgive me for being off topic

    Damian is hot, I'm just gonna have to adjust.
  • QUOTE (Beasle @ Jan 18 2008, 10:23 PM)
    Ahh I love the white pant pics! Hot.

    Like this one?

  • laugh.gif That one gets posted every few months or so, and just keeps resurfacing. It's like everyone's favorite butt shot.
  • Haha you are right!

    It's definitely a fine ass shot biggrin.gif
  • [old] He looks like a a Greek god or something...

  • That picture is SO badass...the silhouette, the lights...awesome.
  • QUOTE (Electra @ Jan 13 2008, 02:05 PM)
    I'm coming out of my boycott of the thread for a moment just to comment on the stubble/beard situation. sad.gif
    I don't think I'd have such a problem with it if it hadn't come along at the same time as the short hair. The two, together, at the same time, it's like a double whammy. Too much for my poor little fangirly brain to deal with! tongue.gif

    But thank you, Heidi, for reassuring me that life will go on and things will get better.
    Hopefully before the promotional shots for the 3rd album!!

    Lol this is so melodramatic...

    I'm so sorry.

    *virtual hug*
  • These were just posted on Flickr but they were taken in 2006. I think we've seen them before but I have STML so I can't quite tell. wink.gif




  • ^^^^

    Oh My God. blink.gif blink.gif
  • QUOTE (Tapegrl =D @ Jan 24 2008, 08:59 PM)

    this picture is sooooo right. good grief. saturday. come fast please.
  • this is what I found in my concert file... It's from the KOKO gig in nov and my friend took it.
  • mayo! that is seriously one BADASS picture. i'm allllll about getting the lights in my photos, and this one is phenomenal. goooood work to your friend on that one smile.gif
  • oh. my. It's almost as if Damian's wearing a purple halo...that just happens to be not on his head... O_o
  • angie and i are luciky enough to have a damian -lookalike as a bartender. his hair is shorter
    but his profile is STUNNING... seriously.s
  • Birthday prezzies for T-dog:



  • *bump*

    missing the hotness, I just wanted it back towards the top
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