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  • QUOTE (agentnumone @ Nov 21 2006, 11:43 AM)
    It was like Damian was Moses or something.

    laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif I can see that.
  • QUOTE (sherib @ Nov 21 2006, 08:42 AM)
    Woo, I'll have to check out the rest--these are great!
    Gee, the angle on that last one is definitely unique. blink.gif Same here. It's those polite Canadians. smile.gif

    heheh i took that one... i wanted it to look like we were looking up at them, cause we were right at the front.... i guess it turned out looking i little weird. All torsos, and the only face you can see is tims. laugh.gif
  • Well, I just never expected to be face to face with Tim's crotch.

    And on that note, picture 6 is entertaining. lol
  • QUOTE (agentnumone @ Nov 15 2006, 10:30 PM)
    ok heres my long arse-bloggio/review/rant...
    Monday November 13 2006 was Radtastic!

    READY, SET, OK GO!!!!!!!!
    when OK Go finally graced the stage my feet stopped feeling numb (from standing so long) my mouth started screaming and I was rocked. I was rocked hard. OK Go Puts on such a good show its insane. The new stage show is full of effects and spectacle, complete with "Damian Cam" a camera on his mike that takes upclose video and displays it as a backdrop, Random confetti, Jumping into the crowd, blow up prongs and very, very, very, amazing lighting... creating different glows, moods, and varying degrees of awesomeness.

    For many parts of the set Damian Jumped out into the crowd. Ond time The rest of the band follwed along and went to the middle of the club and played an acoustic "A million ways" and "what to do". The whole room was singing along, I thought I was the only OK Go Fan in Toronto, It was amazing.

    At the end of the show we waited for a while. We only got to see Dan, but who cares... DAN IS THE MAN!
    If the subways worked later in the night we no doubt would have stayed longer to meet up with the rest of the boys.


    I am a bit jealous that you had soooo much fun but I was also SUPER excited just reading your review!! I'm glad you had fun and you could share that with us.
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