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  • translation: OK Go and SDR wouldn't stop playing. tongue.gif

    Tim's ears are red!
  • QUOTE (Tapegrl =D @ Jan 21 2008, 08:44 PM)
    translation: OK Go and SDR wouldn't stop playing. tongue.gif

    i think i'd be okay with that wink.gif
  • EEE Mia, she's on the board too, posted a bulletin about how Tim was DJing for some show in LA this past Monday sooo I had to tag along biggrin.gif

    I was such a nervous wreck that I had to get a few drinks in my system before I talked to him.


    Highlight of my conversation:
    (Disclaimer: Drunk Barbara does not follow rules concerning social norms. )
    Barbara: "I'm not hitting on you, *pat on the shoulder*, but are you single?"
    Tim: "Hahaha, ah yes I am, haha"
    Barbara: "That's great. You should have sex with this girl (pointing to Mia) because she is single too."
    Both Tim and Mia: *Looks of horror*

    Aaaaand a souvenir for the night!
  • Haha you are so funny! That cracked me up. Now we know hes single WOOT WOOT!!! BTW that is a REALLY good picture.
  • laugh.gif

    I don't know who I feel worse for, Mia or Tim! Great story, Barbara. (And nice to see you again!)
  • haha, omg, what a story!!
  • Hahahah, thanks guys. Don't worry, he was laughing after and stuff, I hope! haha. I remember I was also like, "yeah sorry I don't know the protocol of being a groupie, sorries :'(" Hahahah biggrin.gif

    I hear he is going to be at The Airborne Toxic Event show at the Echoplex or something tonight, in LA. If you guys can catch it, go!!
  • Hahaha. You're awesome Barbara. Too bad I didn't know about this earlier otherwise I might have been able to Megabus my way down to LA.
  • QUOTE (Tapegrl =D @ Feb 4 2008, 01:32 AM)

    So, so, so BOSS. Wow.
  • i still need to clean up the rest of my tim pics, but here's one... christy. you're going to FLIP YOUR SHIT when you see the amazing picture angie got of damian and tim. for real.


  • One of my very favorite pictures of the night biggrin.gif

  • is it just me or do you also see and think that Tim's lost weight over the past few months? I mean, I really saw it on those photos they took with the fancy light jackets... oh and I love all those new pictures, his smile.... smile.gif
  • OPIHSDIUFGSKLDUGSIDGK OMG YOU GUYS ARE KILLING ME!!! I just wanna jump on him and wrap my legs around him and make out with him lol.
  • Staying in Andy-Land makes it hard to take pics of the handsome Mr. Nordwind.


    This is my fave of Tim that I took.


  • All those pictures make me want to cry for not being able to see his sexiness in person.
  • Oh but you left out my favorite Tim picture of that set:

  • oh I adore that last one
  • Ah, why couldn't Damian's grandfather discovered a nicer coloured beetle??? dry.gif I mean yeah it's awesome, not very pretty though..? Damian's head is to lovely to put on a beetle's body, for anyone who posted that. I wanted to see the Kulashi when I went to the zoo, (along with my sister, an even bigger OK Go fan than me who had been listening to OK Go songs with me on the way there) but I'd only recognise a bright one.
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