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  • No, it was Andy that said he also peed himself and that it was both. I watched the livestream when this happened and it was Andy that was talking during this part. Also, Andy and Tim sound nothing alike.
  • Okay, that's it.  I don't know, I probably thought it was Tim because Andy rarely chimes in.
  • Yeah, I thought it was Tim for the same reason Chips did.  Next time, I should watch a video of an exchange before posting.
  • All Damian:

    "NO!!! F*** TECHNOLOGY!!!"

    Damian: So how many of you have actually heard our new album?
    Crowd: Woo!
    Damian: Me too!! Alright, then. We're going to sing a song from it now, all together styles.

    (about VH1 list of the 100 greatest bands of all time)
    "...and guess who was motherf***ing not on the list? OK Go. Or the Pixies. That is why we firebombed their building."

    Edit: Some lyrics that should be mentioned:

    "'Phone bill broke the bank/And so on'/Magazine article reads"

    (Bruise Grey)

    "Leave your friends/Righteous and/Pathetic standing at the door"

    (What To Do)

    "I asked, 'are you a monster?'/You said, 'no, I am not./But the things/That monsters do, well/Yes, I do them a lot.'"

    (Back From Kathmandu demo)

    And the full lyrics to ITTHACWTBDFTSWYD and The Fix Is In.
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