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A Damian Dictionary

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By popular demand, here's the place to post all the funny words and phrases made up by Ok Go, most specifically Damian.

Ok Go.....


  • YES! TEMPE! Love you for doing this.

    Here are two:
    Redonkey Kong
  • My favorite:


  • Liswatchening: \lɪs-wɒtʃ-ən-ŋ\ - verb
    1. to hear something with thoughtful attention while viewing an explanation on how to make an awesome video.
  • If there's a lot of words, I may just make a hardcover version and gift it to him. lol
  • here's my contribution:
  • It would be heresy to not include "Bonkalist" on here.
  • i need a shirt that sats bonkalist and an arrow pointing up on it
  • Do these words have definitions or are they just nonsense?
  • QUOTE (Sunnyside1334 @ Mar 15 2010, 01:32 PM)
    Do these words have definitions or are they just nonsense?


    I'm incredibly curious as to what "Bonkalist" means.

    Could we have the word followed by the definition? Kinda like what Sam did for liswatchening. If it isn't recent, some of us aren't gonna get/understand it.
  • Yes, definitions please. I know I went a little overboard by putting the IPA phonetic symbols, but I'm a word geek. I'll transcribe words if you don't know how to say them! smile.gif
  • word geeks are awesome..

    and this thread is awesome..

    sadly, i have been awake about 28 hours now, so i will contribute when the world isnt spinning (more then it should be)
  • Tof-schnitzel: \toʊf ʃnɪtsl̩\ - noun
    1. Potential product for the band to market after they "go under"; a tofu-based schnitzel, similar to "Tofurkey."

    Don't worry, Tim thinks there's definitely a niche in the market for it.
  • awfsome, adj.: awful and awesome at the same time
  • Bonkalist is a combination of Bonkers and Mentalist, created in the UK. The video is supreme, and I'll see about getting it up somewhere you guys can see it. The thing is that it was removed from youtube the last time it was up, so I'm a tad worried about running into TOS violations, but honestly it's just someone's concert video. I don't know.

    The real joy in the video is hearing Damian do an English accent. He says "Literally Mental, and Literally Bonkers." It's adorable. Can one of our British boardies explain "mentalist"?

  • someone who is abit "mental" is normally either someone smashed off their face on drugs or booze, or that person you dont want to sit next to you on the bus...cause they are asking you where their giraffe is..

    thus a mentalist, is a continuation of this!
  • *bump*

    OK I found another Damian word while reading an old interview and I had to add it to the it is:


    Adjective: awful and awesome at the same time.

  • sureeyesawake said:awfsome, adj.: awful and awesome at the same time

    Hey, Jade, Ummm, check it. ;-)

  • Wow, I think I need to have the board etiquette handy around me or a little fairy (that pops up when I'm tired) next to my ear.

    Edit: to make up for my blunder here's two that haven't been posted (and I checked :P) although a better dictionary definition may be needed

    Blamo: to exclaim to someone 'here it is!'

    Blingaful: adj, blinged up and beautiful *first used to describe some art on Oliver the Deer* e.g. "that's pretty blingaful isn't it?"

  • Splamtastic!

    From an interview with Chris Hardwick on the Nerdist podcast.

  • Splamtastic!

    From an interview with Chris Hardwick on the Nerdist podcast.

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