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Muscians You Think Are Underrated

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Anyone in particular that had some hits but you think should be more popular than pet rocks in the 70's?

I'll start... The Wallflowers of course! Their album Bringing Down The Horse went platinum several times and one a few Grammys but since then, only truly interested fans have really kept up, and there 3 subsequent albums and Jakob Dylan's solo album were just better and better. My favorite being Red Letter Days.


  • Jack's Mannequin

    *well, in the UK!!!
  • I think its beautiful. Love the color and those moments you captured are very nice. Well done.
  • Everybody Else. By far one of the most fun and uniting bands I've ever heard. I have tested it on all age groups and every single one likes it. How can you go wrong?
    Also the band Fun.
  • The Books
    Aesop Rock
    Kid Koala
  • A guy called MC Lars. He is so clever, so funny and so talented which all comes out in his music. It's a shame he's so unheard of because he deserves so much more.
  • I love She & Him.
  • The Greening. The released and EP "She's So Electric." Great psychedelic rock band. Their video "Sunday Afternoon" is really trippy.
  • punkwhitechocolate said:Everybody Else. By far one of the most fun and uniting bands I've ever heard. I have tested it on all age groups and every single one likes it. How can you go wrong?
    Also the band Fun.

    Ha! I must have seen EBE about a hundred times!  You're right, they're a lot of fun. Any idea what they're up to these days? I saw Carrick sometime last year and he had said they were working on some music and would be playing soon...but that must have been about 6mos. ago.

    Here's a list of bands / musicians I think deserve more recognition:

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

    The Morning Benders

    Miniature Tigers

    Robbers On High Street


    The Waking Hours


    Beach House


  • Weirdwolf76 said:

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

    i like the cut of your jib

  • The Goodnight Process
  • They are broken up, but Dispatch.  One of the biggest independent music artists of all time, with 120,000 coming to their farewell show in 2004, and selling out 3 nights in Madison Square Garden in 2007, which was 5 years after they stopped touring. 
  • phoenix, the mae shi, alanis morrisette, meredith brooks, the last goodnight, MIKA
  • M.Ward, Andrew Belle, Jukebox the Ghost, The Submarines, The Wombats, Regina Spektor, Bombay Bicycle Club, Flagship, King Charles, Little Comets, Fitz & the Tantrums, Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears, AWOLNATION, April Smith and the Great Picture Show, Codeine velvet Club, The Crookes, Darwin Deez, Death Cab for Cutie, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Eytan and the Embassy, Funeral Party, Maps & AtlasesMatt Mulholland, The Milk, The Naked & Famous, The Paper Kites, Parov Stelar, Pierce the Veil, Pomplamoose, Rachel Goodrich, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Sleeper Agent, A Silent Film, The Steelwells, We Were Evergreen, AND The 88
  • Underrated...

    Cake, Hawksley Workman, Jamiroquai, TV on the Radio, Hot Chip.
  • Completely agree about TV on the Radio.  I'd also like to add Pinback, though.
  • I'd also like to add Beck and Ben Folds to the list. Just looking through my cd's today and realized I missed them in my last post! Surprised
  • James Brown...I know he is well known and appreciated, but I find a lot of people I know don't appreciate his music because it is too repetitive, or too annoying!?, but he's music is so original and groovy! 

    He started funk, if it wasn't for his music there'd be no Hip Hop, no pop no Michael Jackson...etc. And also he was really hard working and was very demanding of his band members...practice does perfect :) does anyone agree??

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