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Ok, so here goes:


Hello Boardies, Since this hasn't been posted yet. (And I checked this time XD) I'm very proud to present to you The Official People Topic! Feel free to discuss Tim's wonderful little side project and add new news and share you opinions.

Follow the rules and have fun :D

Ready? Set, GOOOO~!


  • First off, Here are Tim's two current music videos:

    Shake Shake Heartbreak

    The Joy Of Bordom

    Enjoy! :)
  • Thanks for starting this! I falling in love with People, haha.

    I've seen the video for "Shake, Shake, Heartbreak", but I've yet to see the other one. I wish I weren't at school right now so I could see it! Just a few more hours, though...

    I think the video for "Shake, Shake, Heartbreak" was really cute. It made me smile. Laugh <- (Pretty much what I looked like while watching the video.)
  • You and I both :3 I love the sound of it. But a thing I was wondering is, what's that pink thing Tim puts on his finger? LOL! Anyone know?
  • People came at just the right time. His songs make me happy and I'm going through some tough time.

    The day that video came out (SSHB) I was having the worst day... Amber would agree with me, that was a weird day and the video made it aaaall better!




  • LOL! Lemmie search google, but if not, I'll type them out when I get home.
  • People is so awesome! I love it so much, I play all four songs over and over and over again. And I also was wondering about the thing on Tim's finger in the Shake Shake Heartbreak video. I'm thinking it's a finger puppet of some sort, but I could be way off.
  • I'm seriously hoping it's some type of finger puppet. If it's not that, then I'm worried. XD
  • Agreed. XD
  • If you haven't seen it yet, Tim made a new video for Peace and Quiet:



    Added bonus, it was directed by Trish :)
  • Saw this this morning, Missed the bus in it's importance. LOL

    But I was ROFLing the whole time. XD
  • Well, me and Karlijn asked Tim for the lyrics and he posted all of them, on the


    and this video makes me feel so weird cuz first it makes me hungry then it makes me anxious then it makes me kinda sick and then I laugh. oh, gotta love People.
  • Awesome, laeticia! Thanks!

    I'll have to go look at those when I get home...

    And I saw the video the other day... I was so enraptured by it... so much food... It looked pretty yummy at first, but I also couldn't help noticing how he never really had an empty mouth. I felt kind of sorry for him, haha. I would not be able to do that!
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