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  • magnoliamaggiemag said:

    BeckiWitte said:

    You what kind of ticks me off?  Here I am screaming in joy and bouncing around the room etc. And (believe me) that is not normal behavior for me, and all my roommate cares about is that I am being loud.  No "What is it Becki?" no "What did you win?"  What a jerk.  Oh well, I wasn't set on this earth to please him.  I got on the phone to my sister and told someone who, though she doesn't care for OK Go, at least cares about me.

    Don't focus your energy on him! Think about it this way: He's just jealous you got on of the most wanted suits of all time (even more than the suit Batman, Tom Hanks, or Barack Obama wore). And don't forget we're screaming and bouncing off the walls with you!

    Yeah, Becki, we're all really excited for you even if your roommate isn't. I screamed a little bit when I found out, haha. Laugh
  • Thanks guys, I feel better now.  Ummm... Silver12, why were you screaming?  Just curious.
  • BeckiWitte said:

    Thanks guys, I feel better now.  Ummm... Silver12, why were you screaming?  Just curious.

    I don't want to answer for Silver12, but, in general, we OK Go fans are very happy when cool stuff happens to other fans! ESPECIALLY when we get details and/or pics or whatever about the cool stuff!

    (Jealousy? BAH! Leave that for other fandoms!)
  • As soon as I get the suit there will be pics.  I promise.
  • (I've already posted this link on another thread (the great articles one) so sorz if uve already read this!; juz thought i'd post it here coz it'd be neater. Becky - is there any way u cld delete my other entry over there?)

    Juz to keep your attn off the dancebelts for a bit, here's a review of 180 / 365, and it's kinda fab (it's alotta fab) :] x…..adute.html
  • just read this one:

    “This Too Shall Pass” is one of those songs that makes you want to buy the tickets to their next show. The sing-a-long towards the middle of the song gives that added oomph, because let’s be corny for a second, you feel like you are there.

  • Beckiiiiiiiii!  Congratssss!  So much so!  :DDDDDD
  • (High-pitched squealy voice)

    Guess what came in the mail today!!!  (Scream) Andy's SUIT!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh my god!! (repeat many, many times)  AND  He Signed it!!!!!!!!!!!  (leaping around and screaming)


    You know, the written word fails me.  I wish I could really let you guys know how thrilled I am.


    I moved this from another thread.  Oops I messed up.  Sorry y'all.


    So I'll be getting pics this weekend and then the suit goes into a display case.
  • I repeat my congrats:  Yay!! Laugh
  • I have to ask:

    WHERE did he sign it? LaughLaugh

    >leaping for joy on Becki's behalf<
  • It is signed on the right lapel of the jacket.  Pictures are coming I promise.
  • I can't wait to see the pics. :-D
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