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Dealing With the Non-believers



  • Lol that article..

    Raise your hand if you think a bands first album is fair to judge them off of!

    Oh, nobody?  Because bands don't usually have their style down yet?  Rightttt...

    I like how it wasn't even annoying, just amusing, to me...
  • Enough of that article. Chins high and moving on. We have a more important thing to discuss anyways...


    I understand that we, the boardies, have been brought together here because of our "Mighty Musical Quartet", OK Go. After all the happiness, excitement, and joy they've given me, I feel kinda bad since I haven't the opportunity to repay them. And then I started thinking, maybe it just isn't me. Maybe there's tons of people who feel like they haven't payed off their debt as well.


    So I have an idea. A fan-base-made music video. Whichever song. Whatever idea's you guys have. We can make something epic-ly awesome. Scuba diving? Stop-Motion? Chemistry? Whatever sounds spectacular. I wanna hear what you guys think, though. You can totally disagree. Maybe we can figure out something even better... Well???
    magnolia (n.) Plant genus, 1748, from Magnolius, Latinized name of Pierre Magnol (1638-1715), French physician and botanist, professor of botany at Montpellier.
  • You ask, we deliver:

    You can read all about how we got to make this video by checking out this thread: Boardie White Knuckles Video Idea/Project.

    If you want to participate in the next fan-made video, check out this thread: Paracadet Productions.

    There are also a few solo fan-made videos. Check out the OK Go Fan Art thread.
  • Epic. I'm proud :) Thanks for the heads up, becky!
    magnolia (n.) Plant genus, 1748, from Magnolius, Latinized name of Pierre Magnol (1638-1715), French physician and botanist, professor of botany at Montpellier.
  • I'm putting this article here because it so doesn't deserve to be in the Muppet thread or the great article thread. And plus, haters gonna hate.

    The new Muppets and OK Go collaboration falls flat
    The first joint effort between the two troupes feels like an ad. So why is it getting a free pass from critics?

    I'm pretty sure this guy had an unhappy childhood. And he's kinda pretentious and just plain rude. Though I am quite proud of one of the comments and I can bet that the guy who wrote the article will never read this or pass it off as crap.

    Jeezus, you people like to bitch about EVERYTHING

    Half of you probably didn't even watch the video - you just feel
    compelled to put down a music group you don't like, because if YOU
    don't like them, they're CLEARLY a stupid band with no merit.

    As for the video itself - it IS an ad. ALL music videos are
    advertisements. They're made to sell albums, movies, etc. That's
    the ENTIRE point of a music video. The fact that some videos
    transcend their purpose, and become legitimate art, including MANY
    of OKGo's videos, doesn't change their purpose. Walt Disney is a
    company that makes slick, effective product, that sometimes manage
    to be art. This is nothing new.

    As for Seitz and the stuck-up, pretentious commentators - if I
    accept that your tastes are superior to mine (whatever they may
    be), will you PLEASE stop your ridiculous whining and bitching?

  • This week has been harder to deal with the Jerky Jims, I'll agree.  Especially when the guys get to do something as big as work with The Muppets, it still manages to rub some people the wrong way.  However, I want to point out something another commenter said.  To paraphrase, they said that there weren't many comments on the article because most people like it.  So there's our silver lining.  There will always be an overtly obnoxious vocal minority in the world, claiming that everyone agrees with them.
  • Most of those disbelievers are just trolling for hits on their own pages.  They trash bands as popular as OK GO and groups like the Muppets in order to garner more hits for their pages so that they can get more advertising money. The internet is a weird place as far as economics go.  There is no "sweeps week" that you can use to try to lure advertisers in, so they need to pull stunts to get attention whenever the time seems right.  When a hugely anticipated video, film, or song, etc. comes out it is a great time for all of the little fish to swim out and see if any food has fallen from the big fish's mouth as it were.  Genuine reputable critics are a different thing altogether and in our hearts most of us know the difference.  I can tell having read comments on this board for so long that we all seem to know intuitively the difference.  So take heart I fell certain that most of the rest of the populace can tell the difference as well. 
  • "I listened to an OK Go song yesterday, and they suck."


    "Green Day's WAY better than OK Go. OK Go used to be better, but they changed!"


    "Damian Kulash? He looks like a pig."


    "Alex, Damian's butt-ugly!"


    "Isn't Tim the gay Jew?"


    "Tim looks like a gay terrorist Jew."


    "They're ALL ugly, hun."


    "I saw OK Go on the VMA's. Why do you LISTEN to them??"


    "Damian Kulash is really REALLY gay. He wears skinny jeans, scarves, colorful socks, and sounds like a girl."


    First of all, I'd like to say that I endure things exactly the same as, if not worse than, these things right here. The two things I hear MOST often aren't even about the music, but how ugly Damian is and how gay Tim is. One girl in my class even got in trouble with the teacher because she called Tim a gay terrorist Jew in the middle of class. It totures me and they think it's funny; they think I'm playing along and trying to be funny, but this legitimately hurts me. I mean, even if they WERE ugly/gay, which God forbid they are, who are you to say anything? And they well know my love and dedication to this band.


    People make fun of me because I'm friends with the boardies who I've not [yet] met in real life. What they don't realize is that it's because they all basically just rip my heart out by making this huge giant point to hate the band more than anything in the world.


    Then, there's my friend who used to like OK Go better than Green Day before OTBCOTS came out. I don't even know what to say to that. Yes, they changed, but really? Did they get, if at all, THAT MUCH worse? I, for one, love their changes in music, and if they change back, I'll support their dicision 100% and if they don't change back and push the new style out further, I'll support that, too. But I'm not standing up for anybody who stops listening to Oh No just because she doesn't like OTBCOTS.


    "Gay Terrorist Jew." Really? That's probably the most shocking one. I've had friends who don't listen to OK Go anymore because they found out Tim was Jewish and I have friends who've never even given OK Go a chance because of the way he looks. I love his style. I'd even go out to say that everyone on this site does. Easily. If you don't appreciate it, that doesn't mean they don't make good music. And I find that one of OK Go's trademarks, as a band, are the clothes. They've worn ugly shirts and paisly ties, and they've worn brightly colored suits. Damian's worn scarves and cardigans and crazy socks and red jeans and yellow jeans, and Tim's done the same. That doesn't make them gay. That makes them out there and amazing. I love them for it. Again, everyone else on here does, too. Another thing is "fat." I'm not going to go any further on that one.


    I don't know what to do.

    It hurts.
  • I don't have it in me to respond to all of that right now.  Your post totally stopped me in my tracks and broke my heart.  I'm sorry you have to deal with that.  Those kids are saying all of those things to hurt you.  They *do* realize how much it hurts you, and they don't care because they are narrowminded little shits.  I know this isn't going to help you right now, but those are not the kind of people you want around you in life. Once you get out of that stupid little bubble you're currently stuck in, you will see that people in the world at large are not like that.

    As a Jew, I can tell you that there's absolutely nothing wrong with being Jewish.  So screw them just on that point alone.  As a friend and ally to many homosexuals, I can tell you there's nothing wrong with being gay either. 

    I'm sorry, I have a lot more to say in response to this, but I can't right now.  Fuck Those Little Shits.

    ETA: I just told my husband and he said that you're dealing with Racist Bullies.  Yes, they are bullying you.  Yes, this counts as bullying.  Seriously, you need to go get some help from an adult you can trust.  And go to college as far away from that stupid town you live in as possible.
  • I also find myself so hurt by what you are going through, that I am at a loss for words.  Let me just say this, friends are friends and love is love whether it is electronic or not.  We care about you and support you.  I also had a "friend" who loved OK Go and then turned on them for no reason I could see and it did hurt.  I just stopped talking to him altogether, as his opinion of OK Go was the least of our problems.  It sounds to me like you are in school and as such do not have that option.  I could not be more sorry that you find yourself in that situation.  I hope the fact that I am listening and that I care (and I am not alone) does help at least a little.


    I will say this, those anti-Semite little simpletons do not even deserve your derision let alone your attention.


    Guess I found my words after all.
  • Oh, wow. 

    First off, there is nothing wrong with calling us your friends. I love everyone on here because they are so accepting and kind.

    Secondly, I don't know where you live, but I come from a small town that sounds pretty similar. People can be so cruel when they don't understand or when they are unwilling to accept something. Like Rachel said, there is nothing wrong with being Jewish or gay. Those kids that are saying those things are ignorant and narrow-minded. It's going to be quite a shock for them when they are put in their place one day by someone that knows and understand so much more than them.

    I guess all I can really say is this: Stay strong. Don't ever let anyone tell you that what you love has no meaning or value. And just know that it won't always be like this. There is a bigger world out there that isn't quite so ignorant. There is a reason you love OK Go- they're amazing. If people can recognize that, then to hell with them. Find people that accept you and what you love. 

    I hope things get better. And we're here for you. <3
  • I believe Rachel has summed up most of my anger on this issue. If I was able to, I'd run up to those ignorant bastards and put them in their place. Never have I heard things as disgraceful, disgusting, and rude about some of the sweetest men in the world. I'm just dumbfounded they'd say such horrible things.


    I'm so deeply sorry that you have to go through this. My sympathy goes out to you. And while I can't give good advice, I can give you some wise words from the awesome Hank Green from Vlogbrothers on YouTube:

    1) It's not about you. It's about those stupid assholes who are just insecure jerks who need to put down others to feel good about themselves.

    2)You're not supposed to deal with it. You're supposed to survive it. Yes, it hurts, but it will end and it will get better.


    (Paraphrased from this video)

    magnolia (n.) Plant genus, 1748, from Magnolius, Latinized name of Pierre Magnol (1638-1715), French physician and botanist, professor of botany at Montpellier.
  • How even?  First off, not only is that definitely bullying you, but that's racist, religionist, homophobic, and there are so many things wrong with all of that.

    What the hell is wrong with being Jewish?  

    And mydear, what would be wrong with them being gay?  Goodness knows this here gayboy would -not- be complaining.

    Alas, they've proven many times over, via wives and girlfriends and songs about girls, that they're not.

    But really.  Go see a teacher or a guidance counselor or your parents about that, because that is so not okay on so many levels..

    I'm really sorry you have to deal with that.
  • Oh, honey, I'm so sorry you have to deal/survive/go though/listen to that crap. I can't even add anything that hasn't been said, just, 'what is this i don't even', maybe.

    It does get better.

    And people don't understand how the internet works with interpersonal relationships either. I really didn't either, until a couple of years ago, even though I did date a guy that I met online when I was 19. But, yeah, I've learned I can be friends with people just though social sites and message boards and emails and stuff. And so can you. And if/when people don't understand that, well, their lives are a bit poorer for that.

    We are here to support you, too, in your OK Go addiction (enable, more like! Laugh ) and when world suck happens. Talk to someone who will listen, journal about stuff, write and talk to us.

    Sorry, bit rambly. Hope all this makes some sort of sense.

    much love to you,

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