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December Play List

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What does everyone think of the December play list?  What is your favorite song?  Thoughts etc..?


  • It's quite a list, but anything with Air is an instant thumbs-up from me! "Mer Du Japon" is so beautiful, and has been on my playlist for ages. They really make some beautiful music.

    "Peek-A-Boo" is one I have to go back and hear again. It's been ages, but I loved it back in the 90's. It was one of those that took repeated listens to really get it at first.

    I'm not a Spotify user yet though, maybe I should cave in and give the other songs a listen.
  • I literally give a happy squeal anytime the guys post a playlist, because I always, every single time, find some new band that I love.  Or several.  Or at least a song or two that I can add to my own playlist.


    This time, though, I was surprised to know a bunch of the songs already, so the happy squeal ended up being over having some musical taste overlap, too.  "Midnight City," for instance, is something I've been enjoying for weeks already.  Siouxsie was an awesome reminder to revisit some older stuff, like Serotonin said.  But in terms of new things I hadn't heard, I think I was most struck by Brainiac.  It caught me totally off guard and was so fun and energetic and strange!  It was exactly what I didn't know I was looking for at the time.
  • I knew most of it too, TipoDeemin, but mostly because Tim had already made a playlist to a radio webcast once (can't remember where, I'll put up a link later if anyone's interested) and a lot of those were there. We got Pyyramids and Debate Team (not news for most of us) and I think there's about 3 or 4 artists that I never heard of… but overall, I like that playlist, and I can see it's obviously Tim's for most of it haha
  • When I was listening to Bizness by Tune-Yards I thought it was a Peter Gabriel song that I had not heard before (not likely).  I was surprised at how much it sounded like his work.  Did anyone else get that feeling?
  • I'd love that link, Laeticia!


    And yeah, Becki, I thought that, too.  It definitely made me smile.
  • I was so psyched to see "Peek-A-Boo" on the list. I loved that song when I was a kid, and I seem to rediscover it every couple of years or so.  It was a good reminder that I've got to get it on my iPod. (And a not-so-welcome reminder of how freakin' old I am. I have the Peepshow album on cassette! Which probably explains why it's not on my iPod...LOL)

    And TipoDeemin, I'm with you on "Midnight City." It's been popping up on my Pandora stations a lot lately, and I'm really diggin' it.
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