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OK Go’s Ultimate Road Trip Playlist Contest

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I added Life is a Highway by Tom Cochran.  I know it is a bit on the nose for a road trip playlist, but my best friend Brooke and I would always play it on our long car tips, so it always makes me remember those times when I hear it now.  What did you guys add?


  • I added "Second Song" by TV on the Radio.  Ideal car music for me is something I can sing along with (so no instrumentals, please!) which is really upbeat musically.  The album "Second Song" is from is great all the way through for that, but that track in particular just feels so incredibly positive and energetic, and though there are some definite dark turns in the lyrics, the message I get from it is overall an uplifting and inspiring one.
  • BeckiWitte said:

    I added Life is a Highway by Tom Cochran.  I know it is a bit on the nose for a road trip playlist, but my best friend Brooke and I would always play it on our long car tips, so it always makes me remember those times when I hear it now.  What did you guys add?

    That was my first thought, too!!!  I was totally going to add it but I couldn't figure out how until I read Jamie's post just now.  Anyway, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought of that song. Laugh  And man, does it bring back memories...
  • I added "Come On, Eileen" by the Dexy Midnight Runners because NOBODY knows all the words to that song which makes it so fun to sing loudly in the car.
  • I added "This Charming Man" by The Smiths.  Something about that song always just makes me want to get in my car and drive down a country road, preferably on a sunny day...
  • My likelihood of getting on Spotify isn't much, but my suggestion would be - "Hotel Yorba" by The White Stripes. That'd be a fun one to use, if anyone hasn't already :)
  • Why can't you get on Spotify Astra?
  • Oh, it's ok, stubbornness on my part :) I've just been holding out on joining up with Facebook, and that's required for Spotify. I have a Myspace page that hadn't updated in years, lol. Even my mom has a FB page. I guess I really need to work on that. 
  • I added Chalkdust Torture by Phish.  In the days before I had my drivers license (oh so very long ago) I used to think that the FIRST song I'd be able to play while driving would someday be that one.  It didn't quite work out that way.  Nonetheless it's a great little radio-friendly rock song, which is a rarity when you're talking about Phish. 
  • Astra, I'm completely with you there. I refuse to get a facebook account. It sucks sometimes, but most of the time I'm fine with it. I used myspace back when that was the popular social networking site and it wasn't that great. It's easier for high school drama to involve outsiders when everything is posted on the internet.

    Anyway, if I were to add a song, it would have to be In Transit by Albert Hammond Jr. That song is just... amazing. It makes me happy and makes me want to go out for a drive on a nice sunny day. :)
  • Soo... How is the contest going to work? The PDF file of the terms and conditions are missing and people on spotify are deleting other's songs and putting multiple tracks onto the playlist. I'm confused. I wanna win that guitar!! Yell
  • OMG, you're right!  I just opened Spotify and my submission is gone.  Anyone else have this problem?
  • Mine's gone too (and Kris is gone as well).  We were in the first ten (or so) submissions.  Weird- it looks like it is only posting really recent ones.


    PS- Anyone find out about the number of valid entries per person for the contest?   I can't seem to find the "fine print" rules.
  • I tweeted the Paracadudes about this issue and haven't heard back yet. I haven't personally entered (don't have Spotify), so I don't know what y'all are looking at. Hopefully it's like Jaime says where it just posts the most recent submissions.

    If I hear anything back from the Paracadudes, I'll post it here.
  • Mine's also gone, yeah.  :(  It looks like it is indeed possible as a user to delete stuff from the playlist that other people put up there (I didn't do it; I just right-clicked and checked whether the option was greyed out or not).  What a bummer, though, if people have been doing that!


    Becky, thanks for contacting them about it, especially not having a personal stake in this.  You're awesome!
  • You know, that's really shitty if people have been doing that. I'm hoping that there is a database that has been keeping track of all the entries, so that even if they have been deleted, somewhere that entry has been tallied.

    Thanks for delving a little deeper into this, TD. I notified the Paracadudes that entries can be deleted by other users.
  • Mine's missing too.  I hope they figure out what's going on here.  That's just shitty.
  • Hey kids,

    The Paracadudes got back to me and Spotify is keeping a list of all the submissions, so all of your entries have been tallied. It still sucks that people can be such pricks, though.

    Good luck to everyone who has made a submission!!
  • Thanks again, Becky!  That's a big relief.  But it's too bad that people are taking entries off the list, attempts to cheat completely aside...  I hadn't had a chance to go through and listen to all the new music suggestions, and now a ton of them are gone.  :(
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