Australians vying for OK GOOD's heart.

HI There.

My name is marco,

Let me explain my story in a way that will attempt to be interesting and thought provoking in a way that the fearless boardies of this forum, who some believe are the best music fans in the world, may be inspired to help.


10 years ago, In a little town called Bondi Beach in Australia, I started a band, and am a firm believer that if you dare to dream, you may experience nightmares occasionally along your path to making your dreams a reality. Also that if you wet your bed its best to put down plastic sheets while you are chasing your dreams.

These days there are so many great bands out there, and so little opportunities to actually make a living from your music in such a competitive market. That thought should be enough to stop you trying right?

But it, for better or worse, forces us along to follow our dreams, instead of starting a business where we take a few bucks from the 3 or so million sturggling bands out there trying to make a living. (reverb nation anyone?)


Ten Years down the track and many photo-finish second places, and almosts, we were offered a record deal in the US and Canada for a record that we self funded and took the better part of 3 years to make. 10,503,001 coffees served, 4,340 roadside holes filled, 12,345 balance sheets balanced, and a small stint dancing for all female hens afternoon's at the retirement home later, we had what we beleive was a great record. Something that we were proud of, and could bring home and show our mum's.


No one in Australia would give us a break. The independent radio (JJJ) said we were too commercial, The commercial radio said we were to Australian and poor and they only play 12% Australian content on radio. "get out of our office, and dont come back until you have a big bag with money in it, like Brittany spears brings us!"


The only thing that kept us going was the fans. we played festivals and shows like it was a religion to us (and will always be) and whether we were playing to 10 people at a crocodile eating contest, or to a big festival crowd we always felt at home.


We made a silly video, inspired by the OK Go lads, and it got us a little attention and a record deal and a chance to come and live and play in the states..

We decided that musicans and bands these days take themselves way to seriously. some rock band is not going to change the world, its the people of the world that are going to do that, and while we try to get it together we all need some entertainment.

So we had our parents and one ex girfriend make us some very classy frisbee uniforms and we hit the streets in an attempt to develop our own style of frisbee and make some people laugh on the way.

here is the video


we want to try and connect with Damian, Tim, Dan and Andy and offer them foot massages in exchange for a tour support with them. (and by foot massages we mean a great show and a promise to not eat any of the green m and m's back stage in their dressing room)


At least we would love to share our story with the Ok GO community, you guys are truly amazing, and prove that the power of the world is in the people's hands and not the minority who wear bad expensive suits and talk funny.

This is my email should anyone wish to pass it on to management or the boys

or send me an email if they need me to hold a large amount of money for their Nigerian family, who are escaping a dictator.
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