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The 12 days of OK Go...

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What a wonderful Christmas gift!
I think I would be the happiest girl ever if the grand finale of the whole thing is a leak of a new track demo. Santa doesn't need to get me anything else this year if that occurs! :)


  • Right?  That would make my whole holiday season!  It was already a huge boost to my day the first time I sat down here and saw a free download up on the site for the 12 Days.
  • I am enjoying telling my family what song I got every day.  We play "Does Becki already have it."  I know that sounds like I am criticizing their gift, but I am not.  I LOVE the gift as I have all of my presents from the guys.  I just feel like I am leveling up my uber fan rank when I already have one.
  • Fantastic gift ! many thanks to all the guys :-)
  • I, for one, am disappointed still. I hv every track they've put up...!!! :P
    No, not rly, whilst I may not benefit I'm still happy they've been sharing with everyone else :") Christmas spirit FTW!

    But seriously boys, yallz will need to offer up sth a bit more *cough* exclusive to pls even the bestest EVER fans uve got... ;) xx
  • I think it's pretty awesome. Yes, I had most of the tracks (there were a couple I didn't have yet and just listened to through youtube) but I still think it's a lovely offering. Odds are most of us didn't have those as lossless apple files, and those are nice to have for sure! :) I've also enjoyed sharing the links with friends that are newer to OK Go so that they could have these gems too! :)
  • Alright y'all, spill.  Fave song of the list and what other OK Go related gifts were exchanged amongst  the people.  Inquiring minds want to know (or maybe just nosy me, but still....).
  • Hard to choose a fave... probably Down For the Count.
    As for OK Go gifts this Christmas I got the OK Go Guitar Tab Anthology since I've just started playing the guitar. I also got an OK Go tank top and some stickers for my guitar case. :)

    What about you Becki? I'm all about being nosy! :D
  • My favorite is "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas."  We couldn't afford any cool OK Go swag this year as one of my roommates lost her job, but Rob (my husband) hunted down some funny Damian quotes of the internet fr me.  For example "When I was in middle school, I decided it would be a good idea to vandalize the bathroom. I did it because I was a bit of a goody two-shoes, and wanted to ‘rebel’—and I didn’t think I’d get caught. Well, I was such a good kid, that I ended up telling my principal anyway. He went easy on me, and just made me scrub the writing off. He gave me a bunch of chemical cleaners, and I spent awhile in there cleaning up. The thing is, when a tiny kid of age eleven is stuck in a not-so-well insulated room with varying chemicals, shit’s about to go down. And that’s the first time I got high. I got a headache later, but that high was pretty nice."  From
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