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Spidey 2

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Could tell me the name of the great track used in the amazing Spider-Man 2 film it was spot on, only when I got home and started listening your LP's to listen to it again it started to fade from my memory and I started doubting which song it was, ps it was by far the best song in it, but it brought me back to you so I recommend it.


  • The Writing's on the Wall?
  • It's nearly impossible to find on the internet for some reason.
  • Thank you so much for your link! I have been searching all over with no success. Such a gorgeous track- thanks for sharing! :D
  • No worries! ;)
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    I'm uncertain how I feel about this track.

    Edited to add: This feels very '80s to me. I'm hearing lots o' synth and, is that? It is! Laser sounds "pew pew pew".
  • WOW, no kidding about the 80's sound. The laser sounds sound like firecrackers going up into the sky. I like it! I would have liked Damian's voice a little louder among all the sound, but 1. that's okay, really, and 2. could be the little speakers on this here lap top. It feels sort of whimsical, maybe? I never know how to describe music. Feels like summer, especially with the firecracker like whistles. :x
  • I kind of feel like some of the new songs might have started as part of Damian's dance music project, that then turned out to be OK Go songs after all.

    THIS song is like all the stuff that gets me blissfully nostalgic lately, like New Order and Lightning Seeds and such. I really kind of see myself falling in love with it. :)
  • I am personally diggin that 80sness, reminds me of the smiths :D
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    Oh my gosh, it's been so long. Looking at my history was a bad idea, currently cringing @ my old posts. LOL @ 14-year-old me.

    (How did I even remember my password??)

    This is SO groovy. I love the processing on Dami's voice... however, the lazer pew pews are a lil' over the top for me...? Maybe it's the radio mixing, who knows.
  • This had me dancing 10 seconds in. I loved it.

    listening to the preview I was a bit like 'eeek, weird' for some tracks, this was one of them. which is why I think it sucks to hear previews - but I still do anyways.

    but this is good. i'm dancing while writing this seriously
  • Ah, since my Boytoy loves 80s movies maybe I can use this as a gateway song to becoming an OK Go fan.
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    Hi guys!

    I'm enjoying this! I mean, granted, I'm a big 80s music fan so this was gonna be up my alley anyway. It kind of reminded me of Erasure. Editing to add: The Cure too. It also reminds me of The Cure.

    Oh wow. New Record. It's been SO LONG. It's been so long, in fact, that I'm having a hard time remembering which boardie goes with which screen name in some cases.
  • Yes, Rachel! The first couple of seconds definitely has The Cure vibe, but it's by way of The Cure doing Joy Division for me, which is how I settled on New Order to compare & describe it to myself. :) But, Erasure's in there a lot too.
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    Thanks to my musical education since joining the boards back in March 2010 (holy freaking CRAP, by the way), I recognize the names of all those bands, except Lightning Seeds. (as in, musical education from hanging out with you guys)
  • Thank you so so much for that link!

    I'm trying really hard to remember where in the movie this was, but I can't quite get a handle on it. Does anyone know?

    Oh my gosh I am so excited to hear something knew from them again. This is making me over the moon happy!
  • Did some searching on "The Writing's on the Wall" and bumped into this forum. Wow, I'm so digging that song after just hearing it a few days ago on a Spotify "Hot Alternative" playlist. While I like all kinds of alternative, The Cure, New Order, Depeche Mode, The Smiths, Joy Division side of 80s/90s alt rock has always brought back memories of my college days (specifically listening to WHFS in Washington, DC).

    When I heard this track, it was like a total blast from the past. I've liked OK Go, but am anxious to see how the rest of the new album turns out to see if it follows this sound.

    Been begging my local alternative station to play the song, but sadly it didn't get very high on the charts and has been falling so they aren't biting.

    Anyway, felt the need to post somewhere about it. It's an awesome song!
  • Glad you like the song! Welcome to the boards. :-)
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