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Upside Out

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Is it just me or is it amazing!?!?


  • It is not just you. :)

    Adam was dancing. DANCING. In our kitchen. Such a good morning. Although the words "We get it Damian, you won't let us down" were uttered by one of us. OK. Both of us.
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    It's incredible. I'm loving this vibe. It's like they dug what was going on with 'White Knuckles' so much they just carried that vibe, you know what I mean?

    I'm beyond pleased with all the songs, it's amazing, I love love love it. I can't wait for October!

    also, Rachel, I can TOTALLY picture that hahaha! <3
  • So, does anyone else think that "I Won't Let You Down" has a Motown feel? Very Jackson 5.

  • Thats exactly what i was thinking when i first heard it. Also, the strings remind me of ELO.
  • I Won't Let You Down (can we abbreviate to IWLYD?) is my favourite jam groove far. Brings me to the disco... even though I've never gone to one :P
  • Yay abbreviations! That almost makes it feel more real. :P

    IWLYD is probably my least favorite of the four, but I still really, really like it. It's just so much fun.

    My favorite is probably Turn Up the Radio. I feel like I've known and loved that song for years already. It's like it just fits perfectly into my life or something. I can't get over how much I love it.

    Also my boyfriend walks around the house singing Writing's on the Wall. (Do we have an abbreviation for that one?) I think that speaks volumes about how quality it is.
  • I love this EP more with every spin guys. I'm dancing to it right now. Krista, I'm with you; TUtR is my favorite. But I love them all for their own reasons. Becky, I Won't Let You Down does have a late J5 feel to it. I hadn't thought about that until you pointed it out but you're right. I was stuck in the strict disco interpretation but the Motown influence is in there too.
  • I'm loving everything on the EP.
    IWLYD does have a very Jackson 5-esque thing going on, but I've got a weakness for disco strings, so that really speaks to me.
    I think my fave is TUtR, but everything on there is stellar. I've had it loaded into my iPod since it dropped and those 4 songs (plus I'm Not Through) give me an extra little push when I'm running and I don't think I can keep going.
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    I like the EP a lot more than I thought I would. Although "I Won't Let You Down" has some ridiculous lyrics.
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