White House Maker Faire

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I am trying to go to the Maker Faire tomorrow. After spending the last week or so trying to find any information on how to do that, I finally found a submission form on the White House's website. If anyone else needs it I can post it here. Anyway I submitted the form twice, once from my phone and once on my laptop, but didn't get any kind of confirmation of receipt either time. Sooooo, I dunno. Hopefully I'll be posting pics of the boys tomorrow. Fingers crossed!


  • OK obviously I did not go. But after the fact I found out from a friend who managed to snag an invite (but also could not go, she sent a co-worker in her stead) that the guys were not physically present either so the point becomes moot. As much as I would have enjoyed going and seeing cool shit, a two hour drive (four if you count going home) (without traffic) with a 9 month old in 90+ degree heat would've been too much anyway.
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