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Why the over 18 shows?

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I've been waiting to see these guys and they finally come to my city and it is an over 18 show! I'm going to have to get creative aren't I?!
I'm 17.

I can't believe this I'm so bummed.


  • If you aren't signed up to to be on their mailing list, you should sign up! This is from the newsletter they sent out this morning:

    We've added September tour dates and will soon be announcing October. If you want to see the guys on this small club run, be sure to get tickets ASAP as many of these shows are sold out, or are in the process of selling out. But fear not! We'll be back in 2015 on a run that will include more all-ages venues than this club run has. And Europe, we have NOT forgotten about you. More about that very soon...
  • Thanks, good to know....I didn't get that info in an email but I did get the download and that is cool.

    I was hoping to see them in a small venue because I had an accident a couple years ago and use a wheelchair fulltime now. Wheelchair seating usually pretty much sucks if you want to be close.

    I think I might just buy the ticket and go for it....
  • Lame suggestion, I know, but most venues will let a 17-year-old into an 18+ show with a parent. Also there's definitely a fan in the Philadelphia area who uses a wheelchair that I've seen in the front row at their last few TLA shows. So show up early enough and anything is possible. :-) GOOD LUCK!!!!
  • I didn't make it to the Minneapolis show.
    It is not a concert but I am going to their appearance on the radio show Wits tonight in St. Paul tonight!
    So excited!!!!
    Also going to First Avenue in the spring! It is an all ages show and the funny thing is that I turn 18 in March so I was good either way ha! Hopefully I will be celebrating my first choice admission for college next year at the show!
  • Have fun tonight!
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