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Fall tour 2014

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I think you all are too. Let's hear from you all about how goddamn excited you are, because oh lately it's been quiet on these boards. Yes I just made a TERRIBLE JOKE but Get Over It (hahahahahahahahahaha did it again!) because the boys are back. On. Tour!!!!!!!!!!!!

(no I'm not excited I don't know why you'd think that)


  • I've seen them twice this tour and I get to see them again tomorrow and Sunday! I really missed these boys and I'm so damn happy to be able to see and talk with them again.
  • I'm excited that they are out on the road again and I'm enjoying seeing video clips and pics of them on tour, but I'm still patiently waiting for them to announce Canadian dates. I'd take a road trip to see them in the U.S. but I'm a school teacher so I can't book days off to go. :(
    Here's hoping they announce something in my neck of the woods soon!
  • I am seeing them at Cat's Cradle in NC. Will any of you guys be there?
  • Becki, I wish! I finished up my leg of the tour on Saturday. But you're in for such a treat. The show is fantastic.
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