Rigging for latest concert


I was at your latest concert in Houston where you had several projection screens. After using each the drop fell to the ground. It was very cool and I would like to do that in an upcoming production of The Complete Works of Shakespeare for our Community College. Is this somethin you all designed? I would love to know how and thought I'd give it a shot...asking about it that is.

Thank much!


  • Hey txheights,

    The band doesn't check the Boards that often, so I posted your question to them over on Twitter. Here is their response: "They're called kabuki screens and take a lot of elements. They'd be looking at a minimum 10K investment at the very least."

    If you're still interested in getting more info on the screens, hit them up on Twitter: @okgo.
  • Becky, Thanks so much for doing this! That was very nice of you.
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