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You Rock, Dan!



  • Okay, Pam, Carin, I have to ask:
    You mentioned "going from guy to guy" and tearing off the shirts. Are you ladies going to break the new band resolution (drafted after the Madison show) and use the members of OK Go as stripper poles, like the scary drunk girl?
  • Haha! Oh goodness no. And whatever happened with that? It's one of the many stories I never really heard about!

    No, we're talking about tearing off our shirts as we get to each guy so our shirt will match with which guy we are talking to. Does that make sense? lol. Dan shirt when we're talking to Dan, Tim shirt when we're talking to Tim, and so on and so forth biggrin.gif We wouldn't want a Dan shirt on while talking to Damian. That would mix everything all up! lol!
  • Yeah, that totally makes sense (different shirt for when you're talking to each guy). It's just that when you mentioned tearing the shirts, I had a flashback to the picture of the Madison girl with the torn "Get Over It' shirt (somewhere in the Madison show thread, I think) and was curious about your plan.
    I love the idea of making fun shirts. I've had an idea for one brewing in my head. Once I work out the details and actually make it I'll have to share a pic or something.
  • Yes, once again, I totally picked the wrong words to use! I do remember hearing about the stripper pole girl, that was in Madison, right?

    Haha, just kidding, we posted at the same time.

    I think there's a picture of her somewhere on the boards.. that's the last thing I would ever want to do.
  • Wow...I just went and checked out the Madison pics. Poor Andy. He looks like he needs a hug....Pam? tongue.gif

    What posesses someone to jump up on stage and use Rusty as a stripper pole? Waste case anyone? lol.
  • ... ok.. so back to Dan... tongue.gif

    So, anyone have any interesting experiences meeting Dan? I thought he was a really sweet guy.
  • I never got to meet him sad.gif

    I can't really blame anyone but myself. I was too busy getting my picture taken with Damian. I swear Dan, next time, it's all about you man!
  • QUOTE (bettyNLBboop @ Apr 28 2005, 11:41 PM)
    I never got to meet him sad.gif

    I can't really blame anyone but myself. I was too busy getting my picture taken with Damian. I swear Dan, next time, it's all about you man!

    Ditto. Everyone is like, "Damian, Damian, Damian...." Including me.

    But I did have a cool dan experience.... I was like "Ohmygodcanyousignthis!?!?!" And he was like, "sure."

    Ok maybe not cool. But an experience
  • QUOTE (sally simpson @ Apr 29 2005, 09:07 AM)
    Ditto.  Everyone is like, "Damian, Damian, Damian...." Including me.

    Wow, I guess I'm the odd one out... I spent most of my time talking to Tim!
  • Ok, so as I was looking for my favorite Tim video (link on the Tim's the Man thread), I found this one of Dan, he's so cute here..

    SCHIZOTYPAL INDICATORS: Truth in Craftsmanship

    "My privacy is really important to me" tongue.gif
  • I love the "truth in" stuff. Where did you guys find these? Do any of the other guys have a super-awesome video?
  • oh man i havent seen those in ...a whiiiiiile

    but yeah

    dan is effing awesome!
  • Dan is the best. I've talked to him more than any of the other OK Go guys. I've only seen them live three times. (Feb. 2003, April 2003, and March 2005.) At the March show Dan walked by, saw me, and said something like "hey! I know that girl." He remembered me from almost 2 years earlier. We talked for a bit. He is a really nice guy. But damn...he's old! (Just kidding..he's only about 5 years older than me.)

  • Would Dan be wierded out if a homo like me wore the I heart Dan shirt ot a show?
  • I really have no clue what Dan would think, but he seems like a pretty laid-back guy so he might think it's cool. Who knows.

    I'm all for everyone wearing "I Heart Dan" shirts!
  • I would totally wear an "I heart Dan" shirt! That would be fantastic!
  • I really do heart Dan smile.gif Shame about the name though, being the same as my ex and all tongue.gif
  • Hmm... then we should think of a good nickname for Dan...

    Ideas? (besides the obvious Dan the Man)
  • A. this thread is awesome, dan rocks
    B. big ups to dan, cause he's just soo rad like that
    C. *raises hand* i want to be part of that whole I <3 tee-shirt thing
  • Dan love makes me happy. Is the person who created Def-Def-Definitely Dan on the boards anymore? That was a beautiful site, too bad it got hacked.

    I bet Dan gives really awesome bear hugs. laugh.gif

    And, for a limited time only (basically 'til I change it), a new Dan avatar! (wow, do I look pale compared to him!)
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