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I stole this from my homewreckers board. but its actually pretty amusing... so i'm just going to copy what I put there...

1. contrary to public belief all over the internet i am not infact dead. I have just been hiding under a rock and have now returned.
2. I'm from Yorkshire but moved to Essex when i was 12. This i do not regret.
3. The first 'gig' I went to was V Festival 2003 (my parents were way overprotective)
4. I have THE skinniest feet in the world
5. Somehow I only managed to make one real friend after my first year at uni (hehe Cherb) and I am studying geography HAHA
6. I am the music woman... I play violin to grade 8, sax to grade 5, flute and piano to grade 4 and the guitar (tho not rfeally very well) and i played the drums when i was 12 but i sort of forgot. Oh and I sing too (hah and i learned 2 types of recorder at primary school). Somehow i manage to play pretty much anything i pick up. apart from brass instruments.
7. I got to play my violin for The Queen!!!!! (yes as in the great ruler of this country!!!)
8. I have practically been having a live-in relationship with my boyfriend for the past 13 months. My parents found out about him 2 weeks ago.
9. I have only ever been abroad to France, and never been on a plane... this is slightly depressing, but i do get to go to greece before this xmas
10. I used to have a squint (eugh) but it was operated on when i was 3... now i have normal eyes haha.


  • This is alot more challanging than i thought it'd be cos theirs no guidelines and im not sure how far to go.. im generally far too open about myself....

    1. Im generally far too open about myself
    2. I study Games Computing at Lincoln Uni (not as fun as it sounds)
    3. I haven't actually washed today huh.gif
    4. My real name is Michael
    5. I have a big scar on my forehead from collapsing last year
    6. I straighten my hair... unsure.gif
    7. but i'm not gay!
    8. I was born on Valentines day
    9. I secretly love romance films
    10. I want to one day meet and fall in love with an irish girl called Rosemary. Don't ask why, i just like the idea of it!
  • 1, i like okgo =O shock shock shock...
    2, my name is andy
    3, i have a blog..
    4, its addy in my sig =p
    5, ive been to about 5 gigs now..
    6, im a photographer
    7, i wear a hat about 99% of the time..
    8, i have longish emo hair now...
    9, i have many cuddly pandas..
    10, im going for a bath now..
  • 1. My name is Amanda
    2. I'm going to Europe this summer for over a month.
    3. I'm far too addicted to the internet.
    4. I never ever ever want to do any drug of any sort.
    5. My favorite movie is I <3 Huckabees
    6. I just saw this amazing movie called The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys
    7. I'm Indian
    8. I hate Indian food.
    9. I've never had a pet before.
    10. I've been to 9 concerts.
  • hmmm difficult

    1. my name is tash
    2. i live in new zealand mellow.gif
    3. no im not a sheep
    4. or a hobbit mad.gif
    5. music is my life, even though i have no talent in that area.
    6. i live vicariously through otha peoples talent smile.gif
    7. the internet is my main means of procrastination
    8. im meant 2 b doing assignments at mo unsure.gif
    9. i have a shower or two every day
    10. iv only been to about 11 gigs dry.gif
  • 1. i technically live in nj, but i consider myself a new yorker because i lived there until 3 years ago, and visit my mother there every weekend

    2. i've always wanted to be a dancer, but i dont have the flexibilty or the body type

    3. i'm the fattest person in my family

    4. i have the most amazing brother to live up to

    5. i am a little bit paranoid, and always think that someone hates me

    6. though i seem very extroverted and social, when it comes to people i like, i cant even look at them without chickening out

    7. i am constantly trying to figure out whats wrong with me because no one likes me

    8. i care about what everyone in the world thinks of me

    9. i dont have a favorite animal or color...i always switch them around

    10. i have never not been on a diet
  • 1. I have a nintendo DS.
    2. I've spent all day playing guild wars
    3. My body is currently covered in hives that we have no idea what is causing them
    4. they itch, dear god, they itch
    5. I want to go to bed but I'm scared my throat will get hives and I'll suffocate in my sleep
    6. My hair is naturally brown, but I color it black (and other fun colors like red and pink) because I am over 50% grey and only 21.
    7. I'm not a big fan of rice. I do, however, love potatos.
    8. I have four cats, a dog, and have had pet rats before.
    9. I'm just a few bits off of being legally blind in my left eye
    10. I think everyone in the world should be required to listen to feeder because they are awesome.
  • 1. My name is Sarah and I'm from Virginia.
    2. I have blue highlights in my hair right now--they'll be purple for prom.
    3. I have played guitar for 8 years and am in a band called Empire Wasted.
    4. I've been to a ton of shows--I counted a few months ago and I'd seen over 75 bands live, it's probably close to 100 now.
    5. I've never had a boyfriend.
    6. I'm graduating from high school exactly 30 days from now. blink.gif ahhh. Then I'm going to Tulane next fall.
    7. I love old movies and musicals--the song "Clark Gable" by The Postal Service is the story of my life.
    8. I have a not-so-secret love for Eminem. and all things Italian.
    9. I watched the movie Slackers today and parts of Not Another Teen Movie after I got home from work at a bagel place.
    10. I'm introverted and a terrible conversationalist. I can't put more than a couple sentences together around people I don't know at all.
  • 1. i am quite possibly the shyest person you will ever meet...
    2. i spend way too much time on the internet...
    3. i've lived in the same town my whole life, but only know about 4 people here...
    4. three years ago one of my internet friends showed up at my house without notice, i still to this day am baffled as to how he found my house...
    5. i don't like driving because i fear that i will severly injur/kill someone by accident...
    6. i have a dog named grizzly who is outside barking right now (he'll probably be inside barking by the time most of you read this...)
    7. i'm weird about eating in front of people...
    8. i dislike wearing shoes...
    9. i'm afraid of telephones...
    10. my response will kill this thread...
  • 1. My name is kat
    2. I am 16 years old
    3. I had my first exam (well first one this year) today...
    4. I just made some fairy cakes
    5. I get obsessed with things way too easily
    6. I play the flute
    7. I have a chemistry lesson later and REALLY don't want to go...
    8. I have a psychology exam on thursday and am not prepared... mellow.gif
    9. I hate everyone at the moment (well everyone in towcester)
    10. I can't think of anything else to put...
  • aww my brother has his psych exam on thursday too!!! good luck!!!
  • 1) I visited this and the old board for about 2 months before I decided to join....
    2) So I made a new year's resolution to join my 1st message board!
    3) OK Go have been my favourite band for over 2 years now.
    4) As you might have guessed from my avatar, I'm a fan of the Pokemon games and cartoon.
    5) I guess I'm a bit immature cause of that. Oh well.
    6) I have had a large scar on my chest since birth.
    7) I have fairly bad acne, so I'd rather not post my picture.
    8) My favourite film is Fellowship Of The Ring.
    9) My best friend is my pet budgy, only have 1 human friend.
    10) I'm an avid WWE wrestling fan!
  • 1. My name is Kimmie Hørkild Nielsen

    2. I come from denmark, a dark, cold stupid country.

    3. I love music, even thou i'm too stupid to play an instrument.

    4. But a teacher once claimed that i have 'a beautiful voice' - he made me cry.

    5. My favorite instrument is: Bass *heart*

    6. When i turn 18, I'm moving to england.

    7. I'm moving this summer. I'm gonna have a place that's nearly my own.

    8. my dad's nice. he gives me money.

    9. I don't want to leave school. EVER!!

    10. My boyfriend's amazing.

  • 1 hi im ian
    2 my response will unfortuantely not be as clever as the other please who have responded
    3 i am drinking an A&W root beer right now, its quite tasty
    4 i am now a senior in high school as of today w00t
    5 i like to think im a people person.....on good days
    6 i work at a grocery store.....suckage.
    7 i like revolver(i think it was revolver) straighten my hair
    8 i also am not gay, and i am not metro either because......
    9 i am not a good enough dresser to be metro according to my ex girlfriend
    10 i recently broke up with my girlfriend of two years......sooooo all you ladies out there give me a call wink.gif hahaha just kidding don't think im creepy or anything laugh.gif
  • You should of just left it at 'i like Revolver'

    Its good that use hetrosexual males can be open and honest about our vanity (annonymously on an internet forum...)
  • aye what can i say... i'm a little vain but at least i dont put on make up right? haha laugh.gif
  • 1 my name is Linzi

    2 i'm going to be 21 this year....woohoo

    3 i'm scottish

    4 i've been a member of this board for a while......although don't really leave posts...........might start leaving more!

    5 i'm currently obsessed with a guy in my work.....although i don't think he knows i exist sad.gif .......must stop stalking him lol

    6 i haven't seen okgo live but the best performance i've seen them do was on CD:UK singing Get Over It.........was a fantastic performance......would love to see it again!

    7 went to T in The Park for the first time last year and got on TV......we got right to the front seeing N-E-R-D.....what an experience

    8 my all time fav film is Forrest Gump

    9 it has been raining non stop all day today.........and i don't think its going to stop!

    10 when i was a baby i was so ill that the doctor told my mum and dad 'you're baby is dieing'
  • 1.) My name is Kat.

    2.) I have the second palest skin of anyone I know.

    3.) I live in the Florida panhandle.

    4.) The first time I voted I voted for John Kerry for president.

    5.) I really hate guys with tipped blonde hair.

    6.) I've gone to the same public school from preschool through twelfth grade.

    7.) Whenever I'm turned on or pissed off I speak in a thick Southern accent.

    8.) Rock and roll changed my life.

    9.) I really hate white guys with afros.

    10.) I have tiny hands and feet.
  • 1. I'm funny!

    2. I own my own forum-->The Crazy Forum

    3. I'm 17.

    4. My name is Henrietta. smile.gif

    5. I'm into bands like My Chemical Romance, The Rasmus, The Used, etc.

    6. I hate bullies. mad.gif

    7. I dig funny quotes like the one in my sig. laugh.gif

    8.I get angry fast, so watch it. mad.gif

    9. I give into fights very easily.

    10. I Love my BEST friend Mosher!!! wub.gif
  • QUOTE (HelloScary @ May 28 2005, 09:03 PM)
    6. I hate bullies. mad.gif

    8.I get angry fast, so watch it. mad.gif

    Whoops.. is that you went mad at me? Im just messin around - i try not to mean any harm. Honest!
  • 1. My name is Carin, and I'm the only person I know with my name spelt that makes me feel special biggrin.gif

    2. I got my nose pierced an hour or two before I saw OK Go on 5/27/05

    3. I'm hopefully moving to Georgia within the next 3 years(I know, it's a big time gap and lots can change)

    4. I'm going to study abroad in Ireland my junior in '06-'07

    5. I am an accessories, purses, jewelry, hats

    6. My all time favorite artist is Elvis Presley

    7. I've been to countless number of concerts, due to the fact that my mom works at the largest radio station in New Hampshire

    8. I've never been off of the East Coast, only up and down it...I really want to get out to California

    9. I have a cat, his name is Casper and he is the best cat ever

    10. I'm watching a really dumb movie called "Python" on the SciFi channel right now...avoid it if you can tongue.gif
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