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It's September!

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September is indeed here. ALL OVER IT, I'D SAY. Snap crackle! Here are some of the sssshhhhhhwweeeeet things people are saying about me.

"... A tight, crunchy mixture of pop sensibility, dappled liberally with tongue-in-cheek references to class warfare and richly layered polyrhythmic hydromorphic lactation."


"... Warm tones of cantaloupe and spiced pear, delicately balanced with rolling notes of sandalwood, traces of fig and hyacinth, resolving into a lingering, mellow finish of vanilla and exhibiting subtle traces of Eukenuba. A pleasure treasure for the palate!"

"Spirited San Tropez capri pants in persimmon, kiwi or Mediterranean blue ($49.99) paired with a retro-funky hand-beaded sheath top, featuring a princess neckline, raglan sleeves and empire waist, in royal purple, garnet, or champagne ($89.99). Plus sizes available!"

"... A crusty butt-fuck."

"Tragicomical, bittersweet, black-and-white, fresh-frozen and passive-aggressive."

"In a world where darkness rages endlessly and the dawn never comes, in a time when robots rule and men are mortal slaves, in a place where no one remembers hope... One man is about to change everything. Forever."



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