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  • QUOTE (w00t @ Oct 4 2005, 05:13 PM)
    Pearl makes me think of finding nemo

    hahaha thanx... I love Nemo biggrin.gif

    and umh.. anangryfish has a FISH in their avatar... *sniffle* sorry guys... but I don't know much about you.
  • daniella makes me think of the most pure and true love
  • 0076 has more posts than me. have i already said this?
  • GItD has less posts then me. i refuse to shut up!
  • GirlInTheDark and I both hail from the great(?) state of Wisconsin, and that's cool... because Wisconsin is pretty boring.
  • Is watching The Office, tonight.... yay I do know something *is proud of herself*
  • pearl is awesome because she loves the office, and so do i...and she likes pie which is awesome.
  • Claire's username makes me sing "Love Me Do" everytime I see it!
  • jaded is lucky that she can do cool things with her name, like her username for instance.
  • I can play the banjo with my name, too.

    Lovemedo goes to a private school.
  • Jaded wants to go to Columbia College in my hometown, and she really likes photography, which is awesome X's 1,000.
  • lovemedo has 10.32% of todays posts...
  • darbie starpower does a good job of pointing out the fact that i have no life.
  • lovemedo's member number is 521
  • GiTD's member number is 494
  • giggleguy gave me permission to poke him biggrin.gif
  • more than half of pearl's total postcount was made in the last 24 hours...
  • hahaha that's true... I'm gonna have a few weeks of free work so I'll probably be here alot... and in another MB aswell... sorry.

    Darbie noticed that I posted alot today!
  • that was pearls 153 post ... she's a post whore! hehe

    and on a completely diff note that reminded my of my geometry/discrete mathematics teacher in highschool... twas his fav number... lol that's one of the few things i remember from that class... that and the alphabet backwards biggrin.gif
  • LOL you pointed out my 153rd post whilst earlier today, 0076 pointed out my 76th post... it's so awsome cool.gif

    w00t called me a post whore.. YEAH BABY!!!
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