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some of you guys may know i am a huuuuge wrestling fan

today EDDIE GUERRERO, a top guy on WWE smackdown was found dead in his bathroom

i just went numb when i read it earlyer




  • yeah I'm sorry too. I never watch wrestling but my Great Grandma Susie did! She would always yell at the wrestlers like she was actually there. biggrin.gif
  • That's crazy! No more latino heat! sad.gif

    Do they have any idea how?
  • heart failer is the latest we know
  • A girl I know at school flipped out because of this. Someone told her in 6th hour and she had no idea. And she loves wrestling. I felt bad. sad.gif

    From what I was told they either think it was a blow to the head from a chair or and overdose.
  • I don't like wrestling, sorry to hear about his death though.

    And if I liked wrestling, I would like WWF better than WWE
  • QUOTE (giggleguy @ Nov 15 2005, 02:39 AM)
    I don't like wrestling, sorry to hear about his death though.

    And if I liked wrestling, I would like WWF better than WWE

    The WWF had to be renamed due to the World Wildlife Federation/Foundation or something so WWF is the WWE.
  • Nah WWE is different
  • nope its the same company...just with the bran extenshon

    he died of heart failer, the chair shot was part of the story line, and he was clean from drugs the last few years as he had found religion
  • Vickie Guerrero speaks on Eddie's autopsy report:

    "After the untimely passing of Eddie Guerrero, WWE and the entire sports-entertainment community is still reeling from the devastating loss of a champion. The initial autopsy reports on Guerrero have come in. spoke with Eddie’s widow, Vickie Guerrero, earlier today.

    “It was heart failure. It was from his past – the drinking and the drug abuse. They found signs of heart disease. She (the examiner) said that the blood vessels were very worn and narrow, and that just showed all the abuse from the scheduling of work and his past. And Eddie just worked out like crazy all the time. It made his heart grow bigger and work harder and the vessels were getting smaller, and that’s what caused the heart failure. He went into a deep sleep.

    As soon as they saw his heart, they saw the lining of his heart already had the heart disease. There was no trauma, and Eddie hadn’t hurt himself in any way. It answered a lot of questions. I knew Eddie wasn’t feeling very good for the last week. He was home and kept saying he wasn’t feeling good and we thought it was just “road tired.” So we thought he just had to rest. It answered a lot of my questions, too, because he was just so exhausted. She said it was normal because the heart was working so hard.

    When he didn’t call me last night and the night before I knew it was for real, because he would call me every night. I miss his phone calls. I cried through the whole thing (last night).

    I loved his laugh. His laugh was the best.

    We just celebrated his four-year sobriety last Thursday. We just thought we had life by the handful. We thought we had it all figured out. He worked so hard to make a better life for us.

    I’m just overwhelmed by how people are coming out. It’s touched my heart a lot.

    Everybody was just in awe last night in how beautifully everything was put together.

    All my life was wrestling. All he did was take care of them and live for that. And I don’t know what to do now.”

  • im still very much in shock over this =(

    so gutted about it, my thoughts are with his family
  • i was in shock about it too...i was a loyal fan when it was still caused WWF and i just feel saddened by the news...i still dont think its sunk in yet..
  • the tribute to him is on again tonoght over tape messed up the first time
  • Oh wow, this is the first I hear of this... that is so sad sad.gif
  • I haven't been on the forum in a while to say anything, but RIP Eddie.
    He was an amazing wrestler, a husband, a father, a friend.

    Latino Heat had such a great personality from what I had seen of him, even if it was staged. My favorite thing about him was his smile. He had one of those grins that went from ear to ear.
    The morning after Eddie died, and I found out.. WOW. It was so horrible. At first I didn't believe my friend (Eddie was clean, healthy, how could he?) but it was so true when RAW came on.
    The RAW tribute show, woah, that was a bucket of tears, wasn't it? Man, when Chris Benoit did his little talk to Eddie... that was the saddest. It just ripped your heart out. When he just bursted into tears, talking about Eddie, his best friend. I bet it's really hard on all of them.
    Eddie's family, his friend's, all of the wrestlers will always remain in my thoughts. I wish the best to them on getting through this.

    He was so young.
  • wow uve summed it up very well there chuck

    hopefully chavo will get a meaningfull push out off all of this
  • today, 9 september is Eddie's birthday and the day when he has been dead 300 days.
    i miss him.

  • nearly a year on

    and his name is still being dragged though poop (possibly randy orton poop)

    and i still refuse to watch smackdown for this reason

    i would say RIP eddie, but the way they are treating your name i sadly doubt you can
  • a year on today, and it still hurts as much now as it did then

    i watched the eddie dvd the wwe put out afew years ago today, and his life story is one of true inspiration
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