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  • buying toy swords for no apparent reason.

    playing with hail
  • - being randomly asked to DJ at a nearly empty coffeehouse with your friends and playing strictly Leonard Cohen and Weird Al back-to-back.

    - buying a medium pizza and sitting down on the mainstreet sidewalk to eat it while people stare at us.
  • Being done with exams! biggrin.gif
  • - Haveing a shitty & tiring day... then going to an awesome Billy Talent concert, that obviously rocked my face off, as I have no face now.
    -getting my little sister to give one of the billy talent dudes one of my drawings... eventhough he probably forgot it after the show...
    -Seeing MSTRKRFT on the Front of Exclaim while coming into school and practicly stopping pedestrian traffic... giving a huge sigh/gasp hybrid and taking like 3 by mistake then walking back and bumping into some dude while putting some back.
    -smirking evertime I glance at the cover, which is on the library computer desk right now, and giggling everytime I look at my arm with my BT wristband still on it.
  • I love Exclaim so hard.
  • I love exclaim so bad
  • -finally getting my chupacabra picture
    -spending the evening in a gazebo with a guyfriend looking at pictures of his baby and coloring things in and just sharing stories. He's wonderful.
    -doing a corssword puzzle and getting help from various friends (a guyfriend who got really into it and actually helped, a friend ho suggested I just put "walrus" in every one, and a hippie who became bored after 2 minutes).
    -Guitar Hero
  • - dressing up like audrey hepburn everyday, even in nasty weather.
  • -finally finishing my very last school day for the year today!

    -helping my roomate pack for the summer so she can go home (makes me a tad sad). However: the thought that me baby sister is coming to visit me at the end of this week and I haven't seen her in a year!

    -mooching food from a teacher party by posing as a guest
  • QUOTE (Tempe Arizona @ Jul 1 2006, 04:34 AM)
    -mooching food from a teacher party by posing as a guest

    OH MY! you don't know how many times I've wanted to do that! The problem is that none of my buds have ever given into my pleas... and I'm too much of a coward to do it on my own.

    -having all the relatives in Canada for my cousins wedding tommorow.
    -getting to see my American cousin's adorable daughter (2nd cousin?),Shayna,and spending tons of time with her while the parents went to get nails done/ drunk.
    -Playing daft punk on loop
    -going to a surprise b-day party for one of my cousin's whos the brother of the cousin thats getting married tommorow and turned 18... you follow that one? lol
    -picking cherries from my tree, after realizing that they don't have worms in them... then wittnessing Shayna stuff her face with them.
  • -spending a week in Florida (hello again boards! Anything exciting happen this past week?)
    -midnight swimming
    -making friends with waiters
    -going on It's A Small World and watching all the kids be really excited about it
    -screaming way too loud on Space Mountain
    -watching the world cup (my Italian friend is hosting a party tomorrow)
    -inside jokes for a week
    -being tackled unexpectedly on a bed by friends while on the phone
    -watching fireworks off a balcony
    -watching the space shuttle take off
    -my guyfriend cooking a dinner for me tonight
  • - learning from my mistakes...
  • being outside in the rain when its hot
    clean sheets
  • my boyfriend (ok i swear i write that every time I post on this thread, but I only post when he really makes me happy hahaha)
    noddy muffins
    my dog being wonderful
  • you should be happy to have a wonderful boyfriend ^^
  • kissing in the rain (I forgot how much fun it is)
    sitting outside Starbucks like a bum with friends and just giggling
    my new job (and actually caring about the use of ethanol. It makes me feel knowledgeable)
    the local teen center (partially because I'm friends with most people there, including our directors. I came in half-asleep (I'm not used to an 8-hr workday) and my guyfriend, noticing my exhaustion, took my hand and led me to pizza). Honestly, I'm going to miss that place so much. I've made some of the best memories of my high school career there.
  • Mstrkrft

    they make me sooo happy. why? i have no idea. Thats all i ever post about in this thread it seems. they have a power over me... just makes me forget everything/feel awesome.
  • being at governor's school and learning about the environment

    lol and finding the love of my life

    and everything right now biggrin.gif
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