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  • Oh Dear Lord, She's lucky she actually met Alex Kapranos. I have never seen them live.

    It really was no competition. Alex's eyebrow movement thing in that picture wins the internets. I love how he crossed out Clay's face, he deserved it.
  • QUOTE (vinyl_days @ Sep 2 2006, 05:27 PM)
    haha i was see a picture of alex and i'm like woohoo major hottness and i start drooling. awww i want to meet alex, soo bad. i honestly don't know how i will act if i do meet him.
    btw sherib i love your sig!
    Thank you! wub.gif
    About meeting him, did you read my little story up there? lol
    He's really nice, really personable. I felt very comfortable around him. Although while we were waiting for our turn to talk to him, I felt like I was going to get up there and puke on his shoes in a total Stan-Wendy. LOL
    He was so great. I actually got two pics with him. For the other one, which was the first one, I asked if he'd put on my Franz scarf. And he said, "Why don't we put it around the both of us?" And I nearly fell over dead. I couldn't feel my arms while the picture was happening. He actually draped the scarf on us and pulled me in and put his head on mine. Oh my God.

    Oh yeah, this is a new members thread! Hey, Floor laugh.gif
  • Oh, the Franz chatter isn't bothering me at all.

    And thanks for the interesting welcomes!

    I would just tremble in fear and be all panic-y if even met one of them. Oh, that was you, sherib? I thought it was someone else's story because it was quoted. tongue.gif

    I've heard great stories from Franz fans. From what I've heard, Franz seem very nice to the fans. Alex is ever-placid, imo, because of the attacks from Oasis' Liam Gallagher and Kasabian's guitarist.

    P. S : If there is a Franz thread, someone bump it. I feel bad for posting about Franz in an intro thread.
  • Wow, more posts while I was writing. sheesh!

    Oh, I hope you get to see them live soon, Floor. They're so incredible live. And stick around after--I think they're pretty regular about meeting fans from what I've seen online.

    There haven't been proper hot-offs since that have been all printed out and stuff. And there's only been one other, informal one. I really need to get the hot-off off the ground again. God, I love the term "hot-off"!! laugh.gif laugh.gif

    The informal, paper-free one also grew out of ridicule of others' choice of sex symbol--this time it was Brenda (the one who bought me the Bumble slippers and hates the Rudolph, etc., specials) and her hotness for Prince. As a musician, fine. But as someone you're actually hot for? No. I do not get it. He is a tiny tiny little girly man. So I made the competition between him and Bono and just went around asking people. Bono won by a large margin--I was very relieved. Although a lot of the people asked said they were only choosing Bono because the choices were so limited mad.gif

    I think it's time for the Damian/Alex Hot-Off next. Yeeah....
  • I can't tell if Prince is straight or homosexual. He looks like a woman(But he is a MAN), therefore, he is unattractive. Bono? He's alright, but I have never seen any photos of him without his sunglasses, or maybe I just didn't have the interest of searching on google.

  • Ha, awesome about the tiger tee, Katy biggrin.gif
    I had a vague notion I might bring OK Go up to him when I met him and see if he knew anything about them, using the Tore Johanssen (sp?) connection, of course, but when it actually happened I lost much of my ability to think.

    I almost didn't even get the Hot-Off signed. I had gone to the truck and gotten my big 'ol Franz calendar for them to sign, and I did that first and completely forgot about the Hot-Off. It was my beloved friend Mandy, the OK Go fan who "made" me, LOL, who suddenly remembered it while we watched Alex talk to other fans afterward. I managed to weasle up there and talk to him again even though he'd been hinting he was gonna go inside soon. I asked if I could please tell him a story and he was really really nice--didn't seem bothered at all. He must have a good system down like you have to do with children, giving warnings half an hour, twenty minutes, ten minutes before they have to go to bed or whatever. "Well, I think I'm gonna go in soon," and then pleasantly lets himself get distracted for another ten minutes ... hahaha smile.gif


    And yes, I FREAKED OUT when I got the pics back and saw Alex had done the eyebrow thing in the other pic!!!!!

    SOO awesome.
  • He's very kind. Unlike other celebrities out there that snub their fans and shatter their dreams (ouch).

    I'm in a glass case of emotionjealousy right now. I sure hope I see them live next year (When they start touring again, after the 3rd album is released)

    That scarf-put his hand over-hug Alex picture is so sweet(I am slowly giving out my gender right now, screw the mysteriosness crap. I have to let out my fangirliness) And where was the gig?
  • hahahahaha You girrrrrrrl

    Yeah, I'm sighing looking at it again. *sigh* *sigh*

    Katy has a good Alex story too, btw.

    I hadn't noticed in the midst of my writing frenzy that you said up there you felt bad about posting this stuff in here. We can make a Franz thread and take it over there if you like, but maybe we're about finished Franzing right now anyway (?).

    I'd seen that Franz/U2 pic before--I love it biggrin.gif As far as Bono goes, I've been a fan since I was 11, so I was in there wayyyyy before the sunglasses years. It really saddens me that you almost never see him without them anymore. If you are at all interested, yeah, Google up some old Bono pics. Ideal era: 1987-89, but 1992 is stellar also, and 1983 is good too. Pre-'83 are reallllll dorky. laugh.gif But God, I love the man.
  • If there are enough Franz fans, I think I could make a proper Franz thread. wink.gif
  • Oh, I forgot--the show was the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. Saw them there last September, too, but missed meeting them by about 15 minutes. Darn the luck. No, I am not complaining! lol I did get my magic moment. Moments.

    I'm gonna find or start a Franz thread--I've got some pics and stuff I want to post smile.gif

    *Edit--gah, I hadn't seen your post about a thread already.
    *Edit again--I see there isn't one from you so I'll go ahead. biggrin.gif
  • New members thread open for business again ... Franz diversion only temporary ...
  • QUOTE (Floreyn @ Sep 3 2006, 09:14 AM)
    If there are enough Franz fans, I think I could make a proper Franz thread. wink.gif

    Don't bother waiting to see if there are enough Franz fans. I'm pretty confident that there are no Hanson fans on this entire forum but that sure as Hell didn't stop me from making a Hanson thread.
  • QUOTE (sherib @ Sep 2 2006, 05:56 PM)

    i love that pic of you and alex. i swear if was ever that close to him, i think i would stop breathing and then faint.
  • Thank you smile.gif

    Man, I know. I was pretty incredibly happy--I'm surprised I stayed as normal as I did.

    Well, if it happens to you, remember: not breathing could cause you to die.
  • ^^^ lol took the words right out of my mouth.
  • QUOTE (sherib @ Sep 3 2006, 01:01 AM)
    Well, if it happens to you, remember: not breathing could cause you to die.

    lol....words to live by! biggrin.gif
  • QUOTE (Floreyn @ Sep 2 2006, 05:50 PM)
    I can't tell if Prince is straight or homosexual. He looks like a woman(But he is a MAN), therefore, he is unattractive.
    I've got no problem with men who look like women smile.gif But Prince ... ew.
  • Bump again, cause there's an influx of newbies this week.

    And because Captain Internet joined, and I secretly want him to say hello. tongue.gif
  • Hi! Hola! Aloha! ELLOWHAY!!!!! my name is Alisha and IM A ALCOHOLIC (kidding totally kidding). I have many nicknames like lishizzel, lisha, A-Lay, Winter (middle name), The Random Banana Alisha*, and sooo many more. I live in Fairfax (invested by hippies and wangstas), California. I ABSOLUTLY LOVE MUSIC. i want to study music in college so im hopeing to go to Berklee in Boston. I love to write songs and poetry. I have two cats and one hampster. Im funny, very RANDOM, wild and watch out!!! biggrin.gif and i glad to finally be here....ive been a fan for awhile and i finally join here this month. HAHA well i have one more thing to say.....PARTY IT UP!!!!!
  • im gona be honest
    i dont read this thread.
    ill get to kno u in the way you post
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