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What's your weather like today?



  • the weather today was quite nice. but since it's summer vacation, i rarely leave the house. and when i do, it's dark. and kinda cold.

    BUT TODAY WAS 86 DEGREES. it's starting to get colder. (like 20degrees colder than it was when we filmed that dance >:P)

    so, today was a nice day. i actually left the house and played with a dog i don't own. and almost kicked a hot pink ball across the fence. smile.gif
  • Yes, today was most definitely colder. I think this weather is just purely delicious, don't you agree, Stephanie?
  • yeah, it was pretty delectable today.
  • A delight also, I believe.
  • Look what I wrote for yesterday, however replace the word grey, with blue skies and cloudy. Still windy as hell, and still probably pretty cold!
  • I'm gonna go with "exactly the same as yesterday" except there's a bit more cloud coverage.
  • well, it finally started raining... about twelve hours late, but, hey. at least it did rain.

    um... so yeah. gray and rainy. and pretty cool... maybe upper 50's Farenheit?
  • It's been getting dark and cloudy recently, but no rain. Boo.
  • It rained a little bit because of the hurricane on the Baja Peninsula.
  • its righgt warm today and yesterday

  • Ooh, the weather here is what I call Nothing. Really can't say anything about it. But it's starting to get cold, can't go outside without a scarf.
    I need someone to pity me, I have a terrible cold and my head feels like a watermelon, merde.
  • proper boring, dull grey/blu,e overcast, hazy, slightly humid, i want rain and light grey skies and wind, and cold weather
  • Questionable weather right now in ol' Montreal.

    It's getting chilly as the day goes on, so it gives me anxcuse to wear my fav. hoodie.

    Overcast and sad-looking enough for me to turn my "real sunlight effect!" lights on,
  • as i live out in country side muchly

    the farmers put shit on there feilds today

    thus my room smells of shit

    whats this got to do with the weather?

  • i was absolutely AMAZED at the weather here (oklahoma) today! it was the perfect weather for doing something outside, and right now it is a mere 83 degrees (compared to the triple-digits we've been getting lately) and it feels great. more like september should. i love it.
  • Rain. Always rain.
  • It spat a bit today. Like, it was trying to rain, but just couldn't do it...
  • We have officially gone back to Sunshine. Boo.
  • cold
    it was like 50 all day today..
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