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trucks + gun racks

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I once remarked to my great aunt, "I think I want a truck. Yes. That will be my next vehicle."
She goes, "A truck? A truck! So then are you going to put a gun rack in the back?"
You know, because everyone who has a truck needs it to store guns.


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    gonna need a big old truck for those
  • did you ever get yourself a truck?
  • Unfortunately, no, but my husband has a truck, so I drive that a lot. He does not have a gun rack. Drat.
  • you know what to get him for x-mass then!
  • I would be interested in seeing a picture of a gun rack on a would be an interesting sight. I don't think I knew that gun racks and trucks went together so well. i think it may be my colorado-ness we use trucks to store bikes, pretty much anything we can put a bike rack on we do...but i think either way that trucks in general are just awesome vehicles for storage and adding racks of various sorts to.
  • QUOTE (Head Full of Crazy @ Sep 20 2006, 11:17 AM)
    gonna need a big old truck for those

    pssh i keep that in my left pocket.
  • I'm also pretty sure it's illegal in most states to drive around with guns. Or, maybe not. Whatever. In Arizona, you can walk around with a gun on your hip as long as you have a permit. Like the guy the other day in Starbucks. I'm standing in line behind him, looking at his gun and listening to him order a white chocolate mocha.
    My friend TC has a gun in her glove box (she has a concealed weapons permit) because her ex-husband went to crazytown and wants to take her with him.
    But TC drives a car.
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