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Giant list of available OK Go videos online

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As promised earlier, here you go. This is by no way complete. I'm definitely missing links as some that were available earlier, are no longer accessible and others, I simply couldn't find the link again.

Federal Truth in Music (12 videos)

AOL Sessions (4 videos)

BMI - Sundance 2003 (9 videos)


The Colbert Report;is_large=true

Megan Mullally Show - talking about upcoming tour

Rolling Stone original (5 videos)

MTVu House Band

MTV VMA performance

MTV VMA Backstage iFilm

MTV VMA Rolling Stone interview

MTV VMA interview - Damian and Tim expect to get hurt

MTV VMA interview where Tim has to pee

MTV VMA backstage before performance

Conan O'Brien Show

Andy R0ss - This Week in Baseball Sept 16, 2006

The Million Ways dance at SXSW

ITN News


UGO interview

ManiaTV - Christy backstage at an OK Go concert

ManiaTV - Artist of the day interview

Mod-o-Matic from MuchMusic

Damian on ABC News

CBS Good Morning America

CBS New York - Aug 15, 2006

CBS Chicago - Nov 9, 2006

The Boston Globe - Nov 16, 2006

Pontiac Garage college football

Making of treadmill video 30-sec TV commercial

OK Go logo in the backyard

OK Go logo on treadmills

What to Do
To download What to Do:
Low version | Med version | High version

Jam session without Damian

Damian on proper interview techniques

"Catfight" between two band members over lentil bean soup

Tim in the recording studio

Damian saying duble bas kager

Damian and Tim adjusting Andy's vibraphone


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