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  • At our show some people asked Dan if the others were coming out and he said "no way in hell". He kinda smiled a tad when he said that, like this little smirky thing. So I dunno if he was being fully serious or not. But I never saw the guys.
    I'm actually in the process of writing a letter. I started working on it after my show, but then read over it the next day and discovered how horrid it sounds and started to make a new one. It's for Dan specifically, thanking him greatly for coming out, because I realize he doesn't have to, but he did. And it made me so happy. I would have dwelled on the fact that I didn't get to meet them if none had come out, and I would have totally looked past the concert and our spots and everything just because of that. I would have been so upset. So I wanted to thank him, and also explain why there is a stupid white spot on his tile (man, I'm so pissed about that!).
  • That's sweet, very cool of you.

    Your description of what he said sounds in line with what he said to me. sad.gif
    I kinda wonder if the other guys have just consciously decided not to do it for awhile. Like, "Okay, we've been doing this for almost two years straight; we're exhausted; we get to let the end of the show be the end of the show, at least for awhile ..." and that maybe they just really need a break from it. And maybe once they get the next album done and have a seriously decent length of time off the road, they will be up for fan fun on a regular basis again. I mean, self-promotion aside, you don't spend that much time with fans and coming up with so many fun ways to interact with fans (the audioblogs, the fan correspondent interviews, etc.) if you don't genuinely like doing it. So I suspect they just need a long breather.

    Which is hard for the fans when we've come to expect meeting them to be part and parcel of show night.

    But there's always the option of trying to catch them beforehand, too, in the afternoon, in the vicinity of the venue and not hanging onto them for too long ...
  • After the CD USA show in LA we saw Andy walking out to his car with his suit bag it was kinda funny, kinda cute in the whole I'm just an average joe, even though theres a line of girls waiting for the bathroom who are shreaking and trying to squint through the really dark light to see if its really me. Yeah, the girls behind me were really annoying the "OH MY HECK ITS ANDY!!!!" **point point stare stare**
  • I believe this is the right spot to post our stuff for them...well I put it here anyways.
    The one thing that you wont see that I made for them is the shrine (cups they drank out of/pictures/hair-sideburn dolls/pieces of cloth I've torn from their clothing/candles/etc.) I made for them because it has been taken by the court on a pending restraining order case. Here is some other stuff I made for them though...


    My dog dressed up as Tim...yes, she has tried to kill me.


    The picture speaks for itself.


    A fan myspace for the boys and...

    Youtube videos. The first one is currently being edited because genius here (points to self) misspelled a lot of things.

    Oh, I forgot these...
  • oh how rad Angela87 ! hahahah that doggie is adorable!
  • QUOTE (agentnumone @ Nov 28 2006, 09:39 PM)
    oh how rad Angela87 ! hahahah that doggie is adorable!

    Thank you! She wasn't so adorable when she tried to smother my in my sleep. I gave this picture to them and Tim said he liked it. The stitches from my dog were well worth it just to hear him say that. biggrin.gif
  • and people say nothing good comes from insomnia....


    ok, it's not done yet but i'm posting it now cause i'm excited that it *actually* looks like dan. this is my first time venturing into vector art.

    i'm gonna try to finish it this weekend. to 6 am? WOW. i'm such a loser tongue.gif
  • I made pillows for everybody when they were in Long Beach for the KROQ Super Christmas Charity CD thing. Kevin and Bean even acknowledged us on the air!! eeee! We got to give the pillows to them, but only Dan was really excited about it. Sigh. I love life.


    We managed to get a picture with them before they left too. We were looking at my camera BUT I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED THE PICTURE GOD :'( Thank GOD this lovely nice girl was took a picture on her own camera and emailed us!
  • oh my lord... that is too rad!

    great job on the pillows, heheh Dans holding it up like a trophy or somthing
  • Way back in say February I made this in Computer Graphics class and I'm just now getting the idea to show some fellow fans the product. It's a bit damaged due to sitting in my drawer for 10 monthes.

    And btw, if you couldn't tell it's a cereal box. wink.gif






    (It's a bit blury but the vitamins are O,K,G and O...hmmm.)

  • Where can I pick me up a box of those? It sounds scrumptious!
  • this is amazing

    my mind is blown in 10,000 peices
  • How clever and cute!!!!!!
  • QUOTE (Para Para @ Dec 2 2006, 06:12 PM)
    Way back in say February I made this in Computer Graphics class and I'm just now getting the idea to show some fellow fans the product. It's a bit damaged due to sitting in my drawer for 10 monthes.


    *laughs* I LOVE how you have a quote from the supposed 'Dr. Craig Manning.'

    Craig will never become his father! smile.gif He's a rockstar. And he needs to come back.
  • mmm this makes me hungry happy.gif for ok go music and cereal XD
  • another bout of insomnia has led me to finish my vector Dan:


    this was kinda fun smile.gif thinking of doing Tim next...
  • oh my, this is equally as amazing

    the tallent on the bored is unbeatable!
  • haha thanks. and yes, either we're all extremely talented...or extremely bored wink.gif
  • Hurray for vector art!! <3 <3 I need to start practicing that, I absolutely suck at it.

    And cereal boxes! <3

    And everything thing else anyone's posted!
  • For the most part, I'm photoshop illiterate except for a few things.

    But I can't attempt a vector.

    I may be able to do a pop art version of an OK Go member.
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