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  • QUOTE (oknow @ Mar 16 2007, 10:12 PM)
    I need to catch up on last 2 episodes! Lately they've been having some kinda crappy backgrd. episodes. Who's your favorite character??

    You can watch it on ABC's website. It's fun cause there are less commericals, but the screen is smaller. I love Charlie and if they ever kill him off I'll hurt someone! Lol. Hurley and Charlie rock. How bout the rest of you? Who are your fav characters?
  • I saw Desmond on TBN the other day! He was playing Jesus!
  • Did he call everyone "brother"? Lol, he would make a good Jesus though.
  • lol hahahaha, I just realized that he DID call everyone brother too!!! lol haha too funny!!!
  • hahahahah I like Desmond's accent.

    ... but that's pretty much it.
  • the majority of ppl dont like lost
    theres too many unanswered questions and its just pissing people off.
    plus everything that happens isnt any different
    and why doesnt that fat guy loose any weight???
  • yeah... idk. I'm gonna tough it out until they start answering questions... no matter how many episodes of character backstory I have to sit though dry.gif
  • QUOTE (GirlInTheDark @ Mar 18 2007, 12:54 AM)
    and why doesnt that fat guy loose any weight???

    Um, because they found a warehouse full of food and supplies..
  • yea but cmon
    they were there for awhile before that right?
    and even so dont u think he would want to conserve food cause he doesnt kno if he will be there the rest of his life.
  • No, in island time, they had only been there for about 30-40 days.
  • ahh
    doesnt that piss you off?
  • So far the Kate/Sayeed/John seeing Jack is intriguing. I hope this ep doesn't get bogged down in John's backstory though
  • Bah, you who do you think is going to die?
  • woah tonight's episode!!
    gaaah. i would say it's charlie but then i think that would be too straightforward a thing for lost to do.
    is that sun i saw trying to kill/hit sawyer?? crrrrazy
  • QUOTE (terren @ Mar 21 2007, 11:57 PM)
    gaaah. i would say it's charlie but then i think that would be too straightforward a thing for lost to do.

    Gah! I hope not, but I share your sentiments. If they kill off Charlie, a writer will pay! I will personally beat them down! Not my Charlie!!!
  • I'm watching last weeks ep on le internet since I missed it on le tele. And I repeat again: If they kill off Charlie, someone will pay dearlie! mad.gif

    BTW, where did Charlie get a sharpie marker from on an island?
  • I understand your confusion, Tempe, but I think there's a Sharpie marker everywhere on the planet (or some strange gap in the space-time continuum). Unless you need to use one immediately, then it goes to the same place all the spare socks party. It's part of their ingenious "get the whole world hooked on Sharpies" marketing scheme. And I am, I am. Shaaaarpieeeeeees.... biggrin.gif

    Wednesday, 9:07: Holy Cow! This John Locke plot is crazy! I love it.
  • Jack just doesn't try hard enough to kill Ben. Gah! He's such a goody-too shoes!

    Edit: Ok, now that I've finished this week's ep, I'm just like huh? It could almost be the final ep the way it plays out. Ok, I've said way to much so I"ll shut up.
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