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Bush used his fourth veto today to veto the SCHIP Bill ("State Children’s Health Insurance Program"). This bill would have helped millions of poor children gain health insurance. Millions.

Bush's reasoning?
"Policies of the government ought to be to help poor children and to focus on poor children, and the policies of the government ought to be to help people find private insurance, not federal coverage. And that’s where the philosophical divide comes in."

CHILDREN ARE CHILDREN ASSHOLE. Oh no, some private insurance agencies could loose some lower middle-class customers... though these lost customers would still be coming back as adults, so what are they loosing exactly?

He's even alienated a number of Republicans who were FOR the bill. Some Republicans were FOR this.

What the fuck? What the fuck what the fuck what the fuck.


  • I love not living in America.
  • Eurgh, that is absolutely disgusting! That man spends millions on the war in Iraq, but when it comes to the health of American children, there's fuck all.

    Something like 40 million Americans do not have any form of health insurance, and apparently not all doctors accept Medicaid, the company that provides insurance for the poorest citizens. I'm so glad we have the National Health Service in England - one of the reasons that I could never live in the States again is that I couldn't afford the insurance or the cost of my diabetes equipment.

    When it's something like health, literally matters of life and death, the free market and proliferation of wealthy businesses shouldn't be an issue at all.
  • The man is a jackass. I knew it when he was running for the nomination, I knew it when he ran for the presidency, and I knew it when he first came into office.

    However, Allie, take some comfort in at least knowing that you would probably be one of the insured if you lived here (although I don't know what it is your parents do). My family has never been what you would call "rich" but I've been insured most of my life. Dad's diabetes supplies and meds (and all the other meds he takes) are covered by insurance, we just pay a co-pay.
  • "Childrens do learn".... that their president doesn't give a shit about anyone but the wealthy. That man is vile.
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