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OK Go Love List



  • 80. Their adorable super cool webmaster
    (was that enough kissing up to Mr. Jorge, Whom I Adore, you think?)
  • 81. one of their major influences are the Pixies. that's fuggin awezome. as is their cover of 'gigantic'
  • 82. The phrase "fuggin awezome"
  • 83. Damian's perfect set of chops.
  • I must say, I absolutely adore this thread.

    85. Dan's eyes. *melts*
  • 85. When you scream across the crowd saying that you heart a member and they make direct eye contact, make a heart symbol and point back to you. And then you melt blush and freaking have your heart pound out of your chest.
  • 87. The story, as told by Damian and Tim, behind how the band name came about.
  • 88. the oliver the reindeer video. beas' sig says it all for me
  • 89. The Swedish inhaling thing- especially when they wouldn't stop doing it during an interview and the hosts were all, "ummmm...."
  • 90. Just their name alone is awesome.
  • #91: the fact that Damian and Tim carpool when they're playing shows near home -- so cute!
  • 92. Damians grandfathers invented the modern fishstick and found a new species of beetle.
  • 93. When Damian tells people who are annoying at concerts to "Shut The Fu*# Up" laugh.gif
  • 94. Tim's Japanese nightmares.
  • deleted - see below for next one
  • QUOTE (Electra @ Dec 11 2007, 08:22 AM)
    95. Mr. Mr. Jorge, Whom I Adore, Whom I Adore Just.

    ^^that was #80 wink.gif
  • QUOTE (Surfer Rosa @ Dec 10 2007, 08:59 PM)
    62. Rachel's banner in Spanish saying "OK Go, they do what you want" by serendipity. laugh.gif

    You call it Serendipity, I call it poor knowledge retention. Same thing, really. wink.gif rolleyes.gif
  • Oh damn, thanks Tempe!

    95. Milosh and the OK Go store.
  • QUOTE (Electra @ Dec 11 2007, 01:39 PM)
    Oh damn, thanks Tempe!

    95. Milosh and the OK Go store.

    DAMMIT!!! i came here earlier to put in Milosh, merch God, and when I got around to it, I forgot what I was doing... anyway, hear hear!

    96. I have never once gotten sick of listening to them. I always get bored with artists, and that hasn't happened after many many moons of repetition. I love it.
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