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OK Go on TV shows, movies commercials etc.



  • OK Go and HIGA were mentioned on German MTV the other day, on masters best music videos of all time, I was thinking they'd talk about the usual meh stuff but then they came and Markus Kavka said how crazy they are and aw, I was happy biggrin.gif
  • I got a little unexpected treat today. For work, I was looking up the Guinness Oyster Festival in Chicago, and I went to this special events web site. Look who shows up in the scrolling images at the top! biggrin.gif
  • I love that!
  • I know, me too!
    It has to be from the Lakeview Street Festival in 2002 (one of the many neighborhood festivals Chicago has every year) because it's similar to this batch of photos.
  • QUOTE (sureeyesawake @ Aug 20 2008, 05:40 AM)
    this batch of photos.

    DAMN. I never tire of seeing those.
  • Those are wonderful.

    I just heard DWYW on a commercial on TBS for its new season of shows.
  • I love those pictures!
    And I've never seen Dan with that much hair!

    Oh and OK Go was in a magazine: Guitar Player

    My friend sent this picture cuz he knew I loved OK Go, and then I found the magazine a couple days ago and decided to get it.
  • i wonder if you guys have already seen this little gem on youtube of tim, damian and rusty doing a little advert for d'addario strings? andy's face after damian's mention of... balls is priceless.

    i can't seem to embed it, so here it goes:

    and oh, dan does his bit about evans drums here too:
  • From Fashion Rocks- fall 2007:
    I forgot I had this, but when I first got this I flipped through it at some store, saw a glimpse of damian, and I squeaked in both shock and happiness.
  • This might be old judging my their outfits, but Damian and Tim are air-guitar rockin' to Rock You Like a Hurricane by Scorpion on VH1's top 100 songs of the 80s right now.
  • laugh.gif

    Yeah, you can download the video of that from I have it on my iPod.
  • I figured when they said the B-52s have a new album coming out in 2007... smile.gif
  • Im sure this has been said before but I was looking at my librarys catalog for cds, and ok go has a song on the queer eye for the straight guy soundtrack.
  • I was watching a repeat of "Punk'd" on the CW today. Jessica Simpson punked Nick Lachey and at the end of the segement, they played the last guitar chord of "Get Over It." (Lol, "they" as in the producers of the show not "they" as in Simpson and Lachey.)
  • AAAH! They just played HIGA on a Grey's anatomy commercial! Yay!

    If this were the first pic you had ever seen of Damian...

  • Dame is going to be in as movie about woodstock!
  • this could possibly be a good thread for this...I don't know. And I posted this in the Locksley thread in the Music Section too, but it has to do with OK Go too, so I'm putting it here smile.gif

    I was just searching around on youtube and found this Locksley video, and there's nothing particularly amazing about the video, it's the description that they put...

    "If you notice a bunch of little white dots and lines around the stage in these clips, it's because the heat and humidity of the evening brought out an armada of flying insects. The band seemed to be bothered by them a bit -- or at least they clearly noticed the invasion -- but if they were it didn't affect their raucous set, which combined their pristine power-pop with stage energy that was more OK Go than the Beatles."
  • Ok so I know I havn;t been on in awhile aculally a long time but ok well heres my story. Im obsessed with the Twilight books and while i was reading the 3rd one (eclipse) i looked in the back to where she writes her thank yous and she says thanks to the bands on her playlists that helped her through writers blcok and OK GO was metioned! It was so exciting i hyperventalated (sp?)
  • EEK, There was just a commercial on for the movie Bedtime Stories and I definitely heard Don't Ask Me!!!!! It was really quiet in the background. And I started flipping out. You could barely hear it and by the time I explained to my roommate why I was freaking out it changed songs sad.gif So, she thought I was crazy at first because she didn't hear the song so she had no idea why I was flipping out. I can't wait til it comes on again so I can make sure. But I'm like 99% sure that it was on it, but it was so quiet! I tried looking it up online, but it isn't anywhere
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