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  • i'm a dummy.
    i heard about that a few days ago and i totally forgot to post on here... notice the avatar of jesse kissing kai wink.gif
  • haha, yeah! When I saw that one I was like What! laugh.gif

    Yeah, I found that site a while ago, too. I'm currently using one of the myspace layouts biggrin.gif
  • So, I'm really liking You And You And You from that album
  • QUOTE (katieyellow @ Oct 20 2008, 06:48 PM)
    damn. i must be an idiot... i can't figure it out.. i've tried a few different things, too.
    does a MAC work differently? i know how to get into ZIP files but... hah. i'm stuck!

    I don't know if you've already figured it out or not, but I use UnRarX to open .rar files on my Macbook.
  • Saw them on Monday night at Troubadour. Well more like heard them, I was selling merch for Hymns...
  • i got it, k! i downloaded a rar expander and got it sorted smile.gif

    and that's awesome! free show, yeah? although if you were selling merch, i'm sure you got in for free anyway! that's awesome... i love hymns... jason specifically, haha, he's so great!!

    as is locksley wub.gif
  • Locksley's "Training Sessions" before a tour - Tour Diary

    Locksley Playing Locksley song on Rockband! - Tour Diary 2
    (This one is funny! Jordan's so crazy)

    And yes, Jason is definitely awesome, haha
  • The Rock Band vid is hilarious! And I love the end of the other one when Jordan climbs all over them.
  • Oh, hey, Katie, That avatar of Jesse kissing Kai, wasn't really Kai. I checked with the Something So Surreal people, and they said that it's not Kai it's Ned from Rooney. It was kinda like a prank.

    here's the video of it on youtube
  • clever girl wink.gif
    and that's hilarious. i hardly recognize ned without his 'fro! but... he's way cuter with the short hair...
  • haha, sorry, I had to do it, but there is an actual video of it, and that's the right url, it just has an extra link in it tongue.gif

    so if you just type that into the url space, it'll take you to the actual video
    Here's the real one. I promise I didn't do anything to this one
  • Locksley recorded a Daytrotter session, but it probably won't be posted for awhile. I'll post a link when it's up. Just giving you guys a really early heads up.
  • Thanks!
    How'd you find out about it?
  • It was mentioned in the last Daytrotter newsletter.

    We have been recording maniacs since we last reached out with one of these newsletters. We'll say the last one came at the end of Sept. This month we have recorded all of these fine acts: Ruby Isle, Hacienda, Bart Davenport, Haley Bonar, Born Ruffians, The Daredevil Christopher Wright, Ed Laurie, Talkdemonic, Band of Annuals, Mieka Pauley, The Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Ben Taylor, Carly Simon, Cold War Kids, Catfish Haven, Parenthetical Girls, Locksley, Gringo Star, sBach, Ben Kweller, Whitley, Annuals, Brighton MA, Crooked Fingers, Le Loup, Flying, Samantha Crain, Physics of Meaning, Wire, Eagle Seagull, Steve Poltz, Musee Mechanique, The Little Ones, Fucked Up, Apollo Sunshine, Wax Fang, The Envy Corps, The Morning Benders, The Spinto Band and we still have sessions planned with Matt Pryor, The Rumble Strips, Herman Dune, Jolie Holland, Magnetic Morning, Joseph Arthur, Chairlift, Michael Zapruder, Deer Tick, Copeland, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, Blitzen Trapper this month.

    I'm really excited about a lot of the bands on the list. I can't wait for them to post everything up. And if you're interested in signing up for the newsletter, it's on the left side of their home page.
  • Sweet, thanks!
  • LOL!
    I was just searching around on youtube and found this Locksley video, and there's nothing particularly amazing about the video, it's the description that they put...

    "If you notice a bunch of little white dots and lines around the stage in these clips, it's because the heat and humidity of the evening brought out an armada of flying insects. The band seemed to be bothered by them a bit -- or at least they clearly noticed the invasion -- but if they were it didn't affect their raucous set, which combined their pristine power-pop with stage energy that was more OK Go than the Beatles."
  • I got another one tongue.gif

    Holy shit! I did not know this!!!!

    From Wikipedia....

    "The band has opened for OK Go, We Are Scientists, The Dandy Warhols, John Vanderslice, She Wants Revenge, The Rapture, Giant Drag, Under the Influence of Giants, Hanson, Rooney, Teenage Riot, and The Hives."

    They opened for OK GO!!!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
  • I somehow stumbled across this in my random searching for things...

    This is the original All Over Again video, with Aaron instead of Jordan! I've tried looking for this before. I wasn't sure if it existed. I think I was watching the newer one on youtube or something and I saw some comments that said things like them replacing Aaron with Jordan, but the way they said it made me think they replaced him in the video, too, not just in the band. So, I tried looking it up, but couldn't find anything. But today I somehow stumbled across it smile.gif

    It's so weird, only cuz I'm used to seeing the one with Jordan in it. I actually opened up both of the different videos and played them at the same time, side-by-side, to see the difference, it's pretty funny to watch like that


    I also found this! This is from when Jordan just joined the band and they decided to haze him laugh.gif laugh.gif
    It's SO hilarious!!! But I felt so bad for him the whole video! I was just like, "awww, poor Jordan" But it was still really funny!!

    Hazing Jordan
    After Hazing

  • What was that commercial they were on a couple of years ago...was it HP or something? It was on like every 2 minutes somewhere. I'll have to google it.

    I bought their album off of Itunes when that commercial came out bcuz they had a nice sound, but I was sort of disappointed in the writing and never really listened again and didn't keep up with them.
    Maybe I will have to give them another listen, because musically they were really good but their lyrics didn't catch my ear.

  • i haven't been on the boards for awhile but. bshit (ha) if the lyrics didn't impress you then, they may not now... the songs from their album awhile ago are pretty much the same... i don't know what it was about them, it was an earworm or something and i was hooked. jesse's voice is perfect (to me) and while the lyrics may not be top notch, i dig them. and i think they're smart boys... give 'em a chance smile.gif
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